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I wasn't planning on posting anything tonight but I seem to be on a roll, and rather than lose the impetus of destiny, I'll just charge ahead and see what comes up. Heh. I have no idea what that means. Forward, ho!

If I WAS on a roll, it would be a cinnamon one, and not the pearl-sugar-dusted dry but cinnamony Swedish kind, chastely nestled in its round of paper. Oh no, my roll would be a double-thick squishy one, packed-with-cinnamon, slathered with white oozy icing, that sinks beneath your teeth and makes them ache with the sweetness in the first bite.

Or one of the Pillsbury buttermilk dinner rolls that come out of the oven with their tops and bottoms all golden brown, just tinged with fire, and their insides softly white and ready to receive a small pat of butter that will melt and then drip slickery and salty on your fingers. O! how I miss Pillsbury products. And Sara Lee. Just the thought of the taste of a Sara Lee pound cake tosses me back into my childhood with a whoosh. And my mom's Bisquick drop biscuits, with their moisty innards steaming as you break them open.

Ode to bread, that's what's coming up, apparently.

Oh bread, why must you be so good and yet so very, very bad?

I worked in a bagel deli for 3 years in college; I could sing an ode to bagels if I pleased. The silver rolling racks with shelf after shelf of rolled dough: white for plain, yellow for egg, beige for wheat, coral for cheese and pale pale lavender for blueberry. The big bowl of the boiler, the conveyer belt for drying, seeding, salting. The huge oven with its gaping blasted mouth rimmed in black, each rolling shelf turning past, the baked bagels suddenly dumped and sliding into the bin beneath to cool.

Sing the praises of bread with me: O Panini, Focaccia, Baguette! Sing rye, sing pumpernickel! Croon cooooornbread. Serenade the sourdough. Chapati, tortilla, brioche and O! for soft german pretzels. Ba da ba da ba da...bagel!

Yum, bread.

Cake-ity Bake-ity Cupcakealiciously Delicious Birthday Wishes to blueberrymoon!
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Thanks so much for my Cupcakealiciously Delicious Birthday Wishes!!!!
I am a bread maniac also. Yeasty, toasty, puffy goodness!

mmmmm, bread. It's my downfall. sigh

It's so funny to read this--I'm just feeling guilty about the third piece of bread I've just put in the toaster for *one more slice* of homemade sourdough bread with raspberry jam. And I had a homemade cinnamon roll for lunch.

Ah yes, breads are our friends!

Sometimes when the craving gets me, I pop a piece of light wheat bread into the toaster, slather it with butter and sprinkle it with rosemary sea salt. YUM! nothing better for those bread cravings, I swear.

It's a post like this one that makes reading your journal so enjoyable :)

hahaha! My silly posts? Hee!

ode to bread

an ode to bread. fresh and crisp. smells fresh cooked make mouth water. The taste of bread melting on tongue, warm as ironing held close, as you run from bakery to car and home....and there still warm the bread consume, pulling lumps from the loaf, or slicing and spreading thickly, butter and honey, or fresh fruit jam. an ode to bread. in eating every slice an ode to life itself.

Re: ode to bread

The smell of freshly baked bread is the best in the world. Mmmmm!

Speaking about cinnamon, I found this recipe earlier today (yesterday rather):

Sliced celeriac (rotselleri) with bulgur risotto (recipe in Swedish)

It was the winning recipe in a competition among schools to reinvent the vegetarian dishes. The celeriac is fried in a pan with olive oil, honey, curry powder, salt and pepper and afterwards sprinkled with cinnamon. I might seriously try that some day.

Yum! I love celeriac but my husband isn't so fond of anything celer-ish. I might have to try and sneak this one in, though.

Hee, I love it.

Mmmmm, bread! :D

Trevor's mom's side of the family judges restaurants on how good the bread is. I could eat bread from Monastero's by the sackful; they bring it to you on a wooden board, all warm and fresh, soft but with just the right crustiness. I was so sad last year when Jacob Brother's Bagels on Dearborn and Jackson closed down. In the south Loop, there's nowhere within walking distance of work to get a real bagel - preferably stuffed with lox, cream cheese, and the works.

There was a Simpsons episode where Lisa tells Bart to go to bed. He insists she told him to "go to bread" as he sits there eating a slice of white. I think he was in the right.

Heh. Also, I am totally stealing that userpic. HAHAHA! Where do you get them? You always have such hilarious ones!

Why, I makes them, I do. That is, I churned out batches sporadically before I found a job that keeps me into early evening hours. Lower tier 2007 resolution - get back to making animated icons again before I forget how to use ImageReady.

I think I knew that but had forgotten. Anyway, that one is too damn funny!

Mmmm, love this.

*sings with you*

Seeded rye slice, freshly baked scones, kwark bolletjes and whole grain with pumpkin seeds!

O scones!

i made a whole pan of cinnabons saturday. almost all of them are gone now and my tummy aches like it's pressed between a hard place and a mountain of cinnamon.

If it makes you feel better, cinnamon is said to lower the GI value. Some people take it to the extreme by eating way too much cinnamon. Needless to say (which you probably already know), in too large quantities it is bad to your health or even poisonous.

if it lowers the GI i'll continue to stuff my face with giant cinnamon rolls then. :-) the only thing is that i'll probably bleed to death since they recently discovered some cinnamon sorts contain large amounts of coumarin which is basically rat poison. :-/

Yup. In Germany, the recommendation is at most three cinnamon cookies per day to children. I read that adults should probably not eat more than a few teaspoons of cinnamon powder each day. :-O Does anyone daily consume so much of it without taking it as medication? I suppose two teaspoons equals the amount you put in a whole batch of buns/filling!

I wonder how it relates to the cinnamon candies in the U.S.

actually i made a double batch and used 4½ TABLEspoons (!) of cinnamon. but i didn't eat all the buns on my own and consumed them over two days so i guess i'm ok. :-)

And you didn't invite me over to share because WHY?!?!?!?!

oh. because I would probably have eaten them all. Heh. Curses, foiled again.

there is still one small bag in the freezer so if you come over i'll thaw them out and we'll have a "monster fika"!

ooo ooo ! Now I just have to find the TIME!!!

How funny that I made kanelbullar on yesterday - my first try ever and then you make a post about cinnamon! Are you channelling me, Liz? I've come to love buns since I've been in Sweden, though it is the masterbaker himself (and his fluffy, white assistant) who makes the best buns in this household.

Mmmmm...buns! Do you know that we rarely make them ourselves? Anders and the kids have made them, and he used to bake much more before we had kids, actually, but usually we get them in batches from his mom. :)

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