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Today, my eyes have been acting up. Boy, have they ever. I have had double and blurry vision all day, for no discernible reason. It was so bad at work that I could actually feel that I was giving myself epicanthic folds and cheek aches because I was squinting so hard at the screen in order to be able to work. Ad deadlines, so I couldn't shirk, you see. After lunch, when it still hadn't improved, I called the healthcare help line and put the wheels in motion for an appointment at the clinic to investigate this (it's happened before but never this bad) along with the still-not-feeling-100%-phlegm-factory-overdrive-thing. They will call me back with an appointment time in the morning and then, we we shall shall see see.

After I got home I doused them liberally with Visine and laid down in a darkened room for an hour, which helped, but now they're blurring up again.


Did I tell you, by the way, that my HUSBAND has started a blog? A photoblog! Now we just need to get Martin online and the whole famdamily will be snuggled up together by the computer, busily fighting over the keyboard. C'mon Mom and Sarah, you KNOW you want to join the fun! The family that blogs together, ...uh. Oh, never mind.

What I am not doing right now: Eating munchies. I am abstaining. Oh my god, it is so hard to refrain, restrain, abstain from snacking. But! I am bigger than the snacks! I am more powerful than the base urges which call me to the refrigerator with siren voices. Begone snacky temptation, get thee behind me! GAH.

And good grief, blueberrymoon, I just realized I birthdaywished you a day early! DOH! Hope your day is a great one! :)

My eyes are too blurry to read or type anymore. I shall take my blurry head to bed now. Good good night night!
mood: anxious
music: none, although my ears are just fine, thanks for asking


Hand over those munchies NOW!

I'll resist the urge to start on the eye puns - they are far too cornea, even though the eye really does lens itself to puns.

I'll just send you a big hug and hope the doctors can see their way clear to fit you in asap.

I sentence you to 50 lashes with a wet noodle for those horrible puns. They were way too ea-see!

Eye don't get it. Wheye are you punishing me? Do you think eye need to put a lid on it? You may consider it lowbrowed humour, but I think you are being blinded by your own tunnelvision.

You are a mere pupil when it comes to puns. Eye am the master of corneaness! I understand that this topic lens itself to puns, but i-ris you'd restrain yourself.

But Liz, I want to Socket to ya! I do understand, though, if you'd like to change the focus of this thread, as just concentrating on puns is a bit short sighted.

Then again, having a pun war with you is, for me, a sight for sore eyes after that long drought this summer! :D

Awwww....I only have eyes for you, too....

Yep! We see eye to eye on that one, for sure.

Well, I'M certainly bigger (especially my posterior) than all my snacks - which is part of my problem, ugh. SNACKING is of the DEVIL I tell you!

(pah...who am I trying to fool, there's jelly-raspberries and toble-frickin'-rone in the break-room. Mbrgrmblr)

haha! I didn't mean "bigger" in that sense, but it sure works just as well, doesn't it?! hee.

I'm not as punny as Marie so I'll just say that I hope seriously that it turns out ok at the clinic.

I gave in to a chocolate fix at midnight last night but it was smaller than me so that doesn't count, right?

LOL! I will have to remember that! No, and it doesn't count if you only eat pieces broken off, or chocolate from someone else's plate either.

"Whole famdamily" is a great phrase. I assure you I will be stealing it.

You have my father to thank for it :)

Ouch. That could be hard on the reading. Hope all goes well at the health clinic. Keep us posted.

Today is fine, so far. My appointment is for tomorrow morning.

My thoughts are with you.
Be well,

I made a soft cake like sockerkaka on Saturday. I thought to make it less sweet, and since I currently have a huge surplus of O'boy instant chocolate powder, I replaced the 2 dl sugar in the recipe with 1 dl chocolate powder. Furthermore, I was out of milk so I used water instead.

Needless to say, the cake is not quite as soft and fluffy as it should've been. It most of all resembles a car tyre, made from chocolate. But it is edible, although not presentable to guests. I learned my lesson.

And Karin's blogging, too?! Wow! Hope your eyes have cleared up. Saw Katie for a brief second yesterday when she came into the office to get her Mom's car keys. Carolyn's off work today to take them to the airport...back to Sweden they go... ;)

Karin's sort of semi-blogging. She really wanted a website but I don't know how dedicated she is. :P

Did you hear my singing back a few posts? :)

I concur, after eating everything in sight this past holiday it's time for a battle ... so good for you, you're stronger than chocolate moose.

Seriously though, hope this eye problems gets solved soon.

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