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Today, my eyes have been acting up. Boy, have they ever. I have had double and blurry vision all day, for no discernible reason. It was so bad at work that I could actually feel that I was giving myself epicanthic folds and cheek aches because I was squinting so hard at the screen in order to be able to work. Ad deadlines, so I couldn't shirk, you see. After lunch, when it still hadn't improved, I called the healthcare help line and put the wheels in motion for an appointment at the clinic to investigate this (it's happened before but never this bad) along with the still-not-feeling-100%-phlegm-factory-overdrive-thing. They will call me back with an appointment time in the morning and then, we we shall shall see see.

After I got home I doused them liberally with Visine and laid down in a darkened room for an hour, which helped, but now they're blurring up again.


Did I tell you, by the way, that my HUSBAND has started a blog? A photoblog! Now we just need to get Martin online and the whole famdamily will be snuggled up together by the computer, busily fighting over the keyboard. C'mon Mom and Sarah, you KNOW you want to join the fun! The family that blogs together, ...uh. Oh, never mind.

What I am not doing right now: Eating munchies. I am abstaining. Oh my god, it is so hard to refrain, restrain, abstain from snacking. But! I am bigger than the snacks! I am more powerful than the base urges which call me to the refrigerator with siren voices. Begone snacky temptation, get thee behind me! GAH.

And good grief, blueberrymoon, I just realized I birthdaywished you a day early! DOH! Hope your day is a great one! :)

My eyes are too blurry to read or type anymore. I shall take my blurry head to bed now. Good good night night!
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