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Eye update: totally normal today. Stupid eyes, with the freaking me out. They're playing meyendgames with me, I just know it.

I don't watch TV much, if ever, nowadays, but when I was a kid I did. I have very fond memories of Ultraman and H.R. Pufnstuf and The Muppet Show and The Smothers Brothers, among others. I watched Land of the Lost (ssss! sleestacks!), Lost in Space, The Electric Company and Sesame Street and Zoom, and I was totally in love with Michael Landon and Bill Bixby. And I am totally dating myself with this paragraph, aren't I? Hrm. Oh well, too late now. Anyway, I don't remember a damn thing about Zoom except for learning how to speak Ubbi Dubbi.

Can't read this next paragraph? Copy and paste it into the Ubbi Dubbi Translator!
Ubi gubot rubealluby gubood ubat ubit, ubas dubid muby frubiends, uband Ubi cuban dubo ubit tubo thubis dubay, rubealluby fubast. Whuben muby kubids ubask mube hubow mubanuby lubanguubagubes Ubi spubeak, Ubi ubalwubays ubanswuber, "Fubour: Ubenglubish, Swubedubish, Pubig Lubatubin uband Ububbubi Dububbubi." Whubat dubo thubey knubow? Thubey SUBOUND lubike lubanguubagubes, ubespeciuballuby Ububbubi Dububbubi ubif yubou cuban spubeak ubit rubealluby fubast. Ubanubywubay, subomubeone ubon muby flubist pubostubed thubis rubecubentluby uband Ubi thubought ubit wubas grubeat!

If YOU have an online journal and work a lot on the computer (maintaining websites, editing various projects, reading/writing on blogs), and your HUSBAND has a photoblog and works a lot on the computer (editing photos, reading/writing on forums, etc.) and YOUR CHILDREN are getting online journals and, well...playing a lot on the computer, how many computers do you think your household needs? Two is beginning to feel like it's not enough. I can remember when people who had televisions in every room were considered a bit over-the-top or rich, whichever. Now, having more than one television is not at all unusual. Is one computer each what we are heading for?

High Rise Glorious Skittle Skat Roarious Birthday Wishes to My Bud Marilyn!
mood: cheerful
music: Steve Miller Band—Jungle Love

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I know what you mean about the computers ... we've got six, and it feels like an embarrassment of riches sometimes, but honestly, we NEED that many (and maybe more!).

SIX! good grief! We've got 2, plus Anders and I each have our work laptops (but we really only use them for work, so I don't count them). Are you using them all?? Do the kids have their own each?

I don't count computers on the same page as tv's though, since watching tv is pretty passive and on a computer you can do everything from enormously passive decadent crap to intensive, work-related creative gold, our household we'd better have one computer per person, or else...*ahem*

That's true, I hadn't thought of it that way, but you are right.

We have three computers and they are all used. The third one is for use by my personal secretary, though he has to share it sometimes with Lambi.

On the other hand, tv is something we can dispense with easily.

I would get rid of the television in a heartbeat if I had the choice (which I emphatically don't)...although I do watch movies once in a great while.

Why doesn't Lambi or Bruce & Sheila have their own blog? Hahaa!

Are you still going in to see the doctor? It might be worth it. There are things than can cause temporary diplopia and blur like that, and it would be a good thing to have that episode noted in your medical history if nothing else.

Sorry... OD in training here, just poking my nose in. Glad you're feeling better though. :)

Yes, I'm going tomorrow. :) They couldn't get me in today.

Well that's good news about your eyes as long as it never happens again. If it does I'd beat those two doctors that you saw today with your two ugly sticks.

As for computers, we actually have four but one is used as a server and Ken is greedy and needs two which only leaves one for me. Good thing there's no more people living here.

I haven't seen the doctor yet, I'm going tomorrow. It's happened before, but never that bad, which was why I was concerned.

4 between the 2 of you. Hmmm, and there are FOUR of us.


Zuboom! Bubox thrubee fubive uboh, Bubostubon Mubass, uboh, twubo ubone, thrubee fubour. Dubon't fuborgubet thube SUBASE! (thube zubip cubode fubor Bubostubon ubis pubermubanubentluby ubetched ubintubo muby brubain, ubevuben thubough Ubi've nubevuber bubeen thubere)


LubOL! (hahahah, that just cracked me up again)

My laptop battery died Friday and DH and I are sharing 1 computer. I am counting the hours until the Fed Ex guy delivers my new battery!
PS I watched all those shows too and my DD ADORES Easy Reader and the gang on Electric Company!

No matter how many people I have lived with, I have NEVER had to share a computer and I never will!

Is that the definition of a true geek? ;^)

I think I have my-own-computer envy!

I'm with you sister. HOW many computers do we need? Do we count the ones in the basement? The laptop? The BlackBerry?

There was a time... and now I am dating myself, admitting to my 60 years... when a family had one car, the family car and Dad drove it. Later in my life I looked around and realized I had a car, my wife and both my children had cars, and we all had jobs to pay for them. In fact it occurred to me we were all really only working for the sake of our cars. Yes... and then it was tv's and then computers... and I wonder what other big family posessions will become personal items, owned by kids and oldsters alike?

Ubbi Dubbi! Cool. Never heard of it. But I'm well versed in igpay atinlay.

Ohsay, owhay anymay anguageslay oday ouyay eakspay?

Huba! Muby subistuber tubaught mube ubob, uba clubose rubelubatubive ubof Ububbubi Dububbubi, bubut wubithubout thube ubonlubine trubanslubatubor! Ubi wubas ubable tubo rubead ubit ubas ubis ;)

Yubay! Ubi cuban ubevuben wrubite ubit!

We use to have three computers, but gave one away. Kyle has one in his room which both the kids play games on & the main one that we have is in a common room ... laptop is only used for Peter's work.

As for TV's we have 3 ... livingroom, kitchen & our bedroom.

Happy to hear your eyes have improved :)

Wow, 3 tvs. We only have one. I refuse to have one in the bedroom. :)

The computers in my household outnumber the humans 2 to 1, now that one is no longer broken and can be counted as a computer rather than a quite large paperweight :)

Do I win a prize?

Depending what you would call a computer, they outnumber my single person household by at least 4:1. If I include the old home computers, it is 10:1. If I include the spare home computers, it is 12:1. If I include the temporary computers which I'm in the middle of selling, it is 16 computers per one person. That is only those which are fully working, or can be made fully working with only a small effort of work. I may have a couple more that are broken and/or in parts.

But I seldom use more than two or three computers simultaneously!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! As for computers, we have only one and this time it's a desktop. Next one will be another laptop...and it's going to be MINE. ;)

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