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So, I went to the doctor today and one of her nurses stuck a SIX INCH LONG WIRE UP MY NOSE and then took 3 throat swabs which made me gag every one, and took 2 blood samples and after bandaging my arm realized that oops, she needed another one, so she stuck me again. bleargh Also, GAH.

Upshot: I have strep throat.

And chronic allergic symptoms that might be aggravated by certain things in different kinds of food, and the eye thing might be a part of the allergies but she won't refer me to an eye specialist until 1) the throat thing is cleared up and 2) it happens again.

I've apparently had the strep throat for THREE and a HALF MONTHS since the first sore throat I had was back in October. No wonder I haven't felt like my usual self in such a long, long time. I haven't BEEN my usual self!

I can't take antibiotics until and unless my skin doctor okays it since I'm on a special skin medicine for 4 months and am only a third of the way into the treatment, which would also mean delaying it, if she says no, and she told me when I started the course that I couldn't take antibiotics with it, so I don't expect a positive response to the inquiry.

I am not kidding about the six inches, either. Geezus god.

I remember having strep throat for something like 3 months when I was in 5th grade. I'm going to have to ask my mom about it, though, because I don't remember any of the details except that my teacher was a bitch about the time I missed. I can't miss work for 3 months, that's for sure. sigh


We went to my sister-in-law's house for her son's birthday tonight and she served one of my favorite dishes. It's 40-clove garlic chicken in a cream sauce. OMG is it good. I love garlic, but it doesn't love me and I will be paying for my love and adoration soon. I don't care though, it was worth it. Yum.

Henrik got an electric guitar Playstation game that allows you to sort of play along with different hard rock and heavy metal songs in a Simple Simon sort of way. He played one of the songs for us and the second song he chose was You Really Got Me by Van Halen. The looks on my kids' faces when I started belting out the words of the song along with the music was priceless. :D Although, now I have the earworm from hell. Girl, you really got me now, you got me so I don't know where I'm goin'...You're welcome.

One of the topics of conversation at the dinner table tonight was tattoos, brought about by Karin showing her grandmother the giant Northwest Indian animal armband tattoo she is currently sporting around her upper arm (this sort of thing). We talked about how prevalent tattoos are nowadays and how they seem to have completely lost their shock value and are viewed by nearly all generations nowadays as a sort of personal and permanent body jewelry. It seems nearly everyone I know has a tattoo, although I don't. Anders used to have one . It was on his upper arm but he had it removed years ago. He says it was a "big ugly eagle" and it looks like he was burned badly there as they didn't remove tattoos with laser surgery back then. *pauses to shudder*

I've always kind of wanted a tattoo, a little circled multi-colored lizard right above my hip; I even have the design in my head...but I'll never do it. I'm too big of a wimp. And to be perfectly honest, it wouldn't bother me if my kids got real tattoos some day. I'd much prefer that to piercing or taking up smoking.

In the spirit of de-lurking week, I thought I'd make it easy on you and pose the following questions to everyone reading:

1. Do you have a tattoo (or more than one)?
2. What is it?
3. Where is it?
4. How old were you when you got it?
5. Have you ever regretted it?
mood: contemplative
music: Vertical Horizon—Miracle

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i dont have a tattoo but ive been wanting one for years. some kind of a moon somewhere...i dunno where but it definitely wont be at the base of my spine...haha


No tattoos here. If I ever did get one (which I won't, but hypotheticly)it would be something beautiful and feminine, like a small red rose or something. I would get it perhaps on my ankle or somewhere else descrete. :)

But I will never get one. Because it's so permanent. And it seems so weird to like "burn" colour into your skin.

I prefer natural jewelry. :)



eeeh I mean discreet of course!

yes I do
It is a ladybug
on my right hip
I was 30
I love my ladybug - it is tiny

I will get more tattoos in my life

No tattoos here. No desire. Too ouch and too permanent. I don't even have pierced ears dear.
I have however, been wanting to try a henna pattern on my hand, arm, or ankle sometime.

One of my daughter's has three tattoos and anticipating her next two in the near future. Her next one will be her grandma's (my Mom) name, BettyRae with a heart.

geeze. Now I spent twenty minutes of my daylight hours surfing dover temporary tattos. geeze.


I get freckles.

Regretted not having? Not since they became so, so, so, common. I look at many tattoos on taut young skin, and wonder how will look on older skin. Besides I no longer think tattoos actually "say' anything. Once they were rebellion, or a sign of rough past, or navy, or army. When grandmothers, with several grandchildren, are celebrating their fiftieth birthday by getting a tattoo I think the whole rebel thing loses a shade of notoriety.

I think the greater rebels are now those who don't. Who keep their skins unadorned with advertisements, and celtic scripts, and lover's names (the number who have to erase them later...)....

Oh I'm so sorry you've been sick like this. Strep is a bitch, and I think it's mutated so far beyond the medicines for it. Bleah, and sounds like the diagnostics were as bad as the illness.

No tattoos here, and am unlikely to get any. I have frequently thought of having my drug allergies tattooed in some sort of international code on my inner wrist, but thought it would be too hard to explain "PCN, Sulfa, Zofran" at job interviews.

LOL! You would have to put "Say no to PCN, Sulfa, Zofran"

Ugh! No wonder you've felt bad for ages! I hope something can be done and you get well soon!

Thanks! I hope so, too.

What a drag about the strep throat! And the 6-inch long wire...(slowly fainting off chair...) I have no tattoos (and neither does J). I LOATHE needles (see previous fainting) so doubt there are any in my future. I've known loads of people with tattoos and have rarely seen one I truly liked (for myself)...I can't imagine liking one for, you know, a LIFETIME. Heck, I don't even wanna wear the same CLOTHES next year. ;)

hahaha! ain't that the truth! And you would have fainted for sure, it was awful. When she did it, I reached up and grabbed her wrists to pull her away, and she kept calmly saying, "put your hands down...put your hands down" *shudder*

I don't have any tattoos. I like to consider what I'd get if I did get one, and it would probably be a dark blue crescent moon, or a triple moon symbol, somewhere in the area of my hip. Simple and small. Easily hid, and mostly not visible to the world (except maybe in a swimsuit.)

I don't really care enough to actually bother going to get it though. Maybe someday...

Ugh. I feel so badly for you, that just sounds like such a miserable exam and no happy pills to make it all worthwhile when you're done. :-(

My answers will be quick:
1. Do you have a tattoo (or more than one)?

I have pierced ears, just the usual one in each ear lobe. Boring body art here. I have to say that given the way my stomach handled the stretch marks, I'm really glad I never got a tattoo because when my skin gets saggy, it ain't pretty.

No tattoos but I do have a favorite tattoo anecdote:

A friend of mine, in her 40's, says that she got a cherry tattooed on her butt when she was twenty, but now it's an apple.

Strep throatiness doesn't mean you'll miss bookgroup does it??!

my favorite anecdote is the TRUE story - yes, it was "a friend of a friend of mine" - who got her boyfriend's name tattooed on her ass. then they broke up and she decided to have it lasered off. but she only had enough money for the first treatment which basically only raised the letters a bit from the surrounding skin. so since then you've been able to read the name even in the dark (ha ha) and she is called "3D" by all who know this story. :-)

i find it peculiar that women who can press children out of their bodies (and most often want giant needles stuck right into their spines while doing it) would hesitate to get a tattoo - talk about pain, talk about things that change your body, and talk about committing to something forever... *rolls eyes* :-)

You are SO right, it is funny.

Strep throat, no wonder you haven't been feeling well.
I'm a garlicholic too & your sister inlsws chichen sounds devine.

I have no tattoos, though I thought about getting one in my 30's

I've asked her for the recipe, I'll try to remember to post it once I get it from her. :)

Six inches???? Gross. You poor thing, I hope you can shake it off soon.

No, no tattoos here. I don't mind them on some people, but personally I feel as though they look better on people with really olive skin, and I am not blessed with that....

PS. Thanks for the earworm, bitch :)

You got me so I don't know what I'm doin' ! bwahahaaha!

1. I have three tattoos (thinking about another one).
2. I have a bird of paradise on my right thigh, an Eye of Horus on my left hip and a stylized trident of Shiva cupped by a lotus below my right shoulder blade.
3. See above.
4. I got the Shiva done when I was 36, the eye of Horus when I was 38 and the bird of paradise when I was 45.
5. No, as I said, I'm considering another one.

All that being said, you will notice that all of my tattoos are in places that are generally covered up, unless I'm wearing shorts. As much as I like my tatts, I do not care to see people covered with them and I think that having something large on hands, wrists, lower legs and faces is a mistake.

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