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This morning the winds were high and wild and it was pouring down rain. Buckets. Sometime in the middle of the afternoon the sun came out for a bit. I saw the light from my office window, very briefly. I went into my boss' office at 5 p.m. and said, "I can't take it anymore. I quit...for this week." And she laughed, and I laughed, and then I left. By then it was pitch black and raining again. The winds have picked up.

Anders brought home sushi for dinner and I brought home 3 videos to watch this weekend, because we have no plans. We just watched Waking Ned which I can't decide if I liked or not.

My mom called; we talked for a nice while. I miss my mom. She talked to the kids while they put on their pajamas and I kissed them goodnight, tucking the phone between my head and shoulder. They were asleep in moments. It's been a long week for us all.

Dry winter skin is back. My back itches so bad it makes me writhe. But! About a month ago I bought a backscratcher! Why, however, is the itch always under my bra strap where I can't kill it? Damn itch.

I was so tired when I got home that I had to force myself to run around and do things because if I had sat down I would have tipped sideways and slid into slumber without pause. I thought it was too early to go to bed at 6 p.m. but I drank a Coke during the movie and now I'm wide awake. I'm so stupid. I could have been sleeping already.

Thus endeth mine. How was your day?
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I miss you too! But- happy is the one who receives the cd with daughter singing - thank you very much. I so enjoyed listening to it again - and it sounds soooo much better on cd ( than tape) and on a good stereo! :)
By the way- I got rid of my winter itching skin by taking some liquid iodine everyday- don't eat much salt, and the itching is one of the results of not getting enough iodine- and low thyroid too!
Love, Lizardmom

But if I only get it during the winter, AND I eat salt, it seems more like it's the dryness in the air that's causing mine.

Thus endeth mine. How was your day?

oh, about the same, minus the kids and the sushi, and exchange the rain for ice cold snowstorms.

I think I WOULD exchange the rain for ice cold snowstorms, at this point.

Glad to hear you got that backscratcher. Here's another great thing for an itchy back, a Japanese washcloth.

And maybe an Anders to rub lotion into your back.

Yes, I was thinking about that today. It's really awful, to itch on your back right where you can't reach it!

oh, "Thus endeth mine. How was your day?"

slow day~
Bright and cold here. Traces of snow in the yard. Got up at 4! A.M. to drive daughter to the airport.
So I'm a little tired, but managed to dancercize to the Dixie Chicks with weights in my hands (don't ask how heavy, you'd laugh) after a little frosty walk, and around the house tasks.
I talked to my sister. She's in love.

I wouldn't laugh at all. Yay you and your dancercizing!

It was fun.

Ack! Itchy winter scales under the bra-strap syndrome. I was so happy to cart home a long-handled back-scratcher brush from the Dollar Store last time I was in the US. I hope the storm blows over soon.

It did! It was really nice today, some blue skies and sunshine! yay!

Dry winter skin

My dermatologist recommended body lotions that contain the ingredient Urea. Apparently this helps the skin to retain moisture without the pores getting clogged from moisturisers with high shea butter content. I have a bottle of U-Lactin, and it seems to be helping.

Re: Dry winter skin

I'll have to see what's available here...I have no clue since I so rarely use lotion.

I rather liked Waking Ned Devine. It was the sort of quirky film that appeals to me as much for the breathtaking scenery and the fantastic soundtrack as anything else. And I have a very soft spot David Kelly who I remember from British series such as Heartbeat, 2point4 children and Fawlty Towers. I know when it comes down to it, the film is about greed and dishonesty, but somehow it doesn't seem to matter in the end. I think I enjoyed it for the small town characters and their innocence.

Yes, it's a bummer about this weather and SMHI are predicting hurricane strength winds tomorrow as well as winds and rain all week. It gets you down after a while. At least we are getting glimpses of sunshine to brighten our day. But not the snow that gissa keeps posting about.

I liked it, but it made me really uncomfortable during some scenes. And so funny you should say that about David Kelly. I've never seen those TV programs, but knew I had seen him SOMEWHERE recently. Finally had to look him up on and realized he was Grandpa Joe in the latest Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

You've NEVER seen Fawlty Towers? And you are on my Friend's List? How can that be?

I rather like David Kelly, though this was the first time I saw him in the buff and I don't really want to experience that again :) He's been in quite a lot of British series, so I remember him mostly from those rather than from film roles and he often plays some kind of gangly and gawky character.

I've seen it maybe once or twice, or at least parts of it. Same with most of the British shows people talk about, like AbFab...I've seen bits but never more than a show or two. I don't watch TV much, remember? I really liked the guy who played Jackie, as well...Ian Bannen (I just looked him up). He has that same kind of wonderful likeable-ness as Colm Meaney.

another great reason to never wear a bra!

Back-scratcher access!!!


Re: another great reason to never wear a bra!

LOL! Unfortunately, that's not an option. :/

Loved Waking Ned Divine! I hope this weekend you lie around and do nothing for two solid days, in fact I dare you! :P

For me, I'm doing pretty good so far. I slept in until 11, and watched nearly all of The English Patient (which I've never seen. I'll watch the rest after the kids have gone to bed. And I've edited a chapter, and I've read some blogs and I'm recording some music. Oh! And I cleaned the refrigerator out. But that's all. Heh.

Jeffrey has a long, wooden backscratcher, which is typically lying around somewhere near the desk. Invariably, I knock into it and knock something over at the same time. I HATE THAT THING. ;)

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