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This morning the winds were high and wild and it was pouring down rain. Buckets. Sometime in the middle of the afternoon the sun came out for a bit. I saw the light from my office window, very briefly. I went into my boss' office at 5 p.m. and said, "I can't take it anymore. I quit...for this week." And she laughed, and I laughed, and then I left. By then it was pitch black and raining again. The winds have picked up.

Anders brought home sushi for dinner and I brought home 3 videos to watch this weekend, because we have no plans. We just watched Waking Ned which I can't decide if I liked or not.

My mom called; we talked for a nice while. I miss my mom. She talked to the kids while they put on their pajamas and I kissed them goodnight, tucking the phone between my head and shoulder. They were asleep in moments. It's been a long week for us all.

Dry winter skin is back. My back itches so bad it makes me writhe. But! About a month ago I bought a backscratcher! Why, however, is the itch always under my bra strap where I can't kill it? Damn itch.

I was so tired when I got home that I had to force myself to run around and do things because if I had sat down I would have tipped sideways and slid into slumber without pause. I thought it was too early to go to bed at 6 p.m. but I drank a Coke during the movie and now I'm wide awake. I'm so stupid. I could have been sleeping already.

Thus endeth mine. How was your day?
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