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Wolf winds howl and swirl around the house all night. I wake constantly to the susurrus of the trees whipping restlessly to and fro. In the late morning the winds are still high and they howl in the ventilation shafts. Once in a while the house seems to shudder. I lie in bed and watch crows struggle to fly into the wind. Aerial acrobatics are dashing but futile and they grab for a passing branch to rest a moment before daring flight once more. A magpie skiphops across the yard, blown backwards one step for every three forward until he finally darts low on the wing and disappears into the dancing trees.

All day the winds blow. In the early afternoon the frenzied air pauses awhile and the sky shreds the clouds aside to let the sun peek through. Hooligan breezes fling themselves merrily around every corner and every stray leaf is caught up and hurled further. The ditch around the house gurgles in high glee, a forgotten beach ball bobbing and turning on the surface of the stream.

Inside, the kids have played all day, strewing lego from one end of the house to the other. I've made progress on various projects; recording music, editing chapters and slogging through my most-hated chore: ironing tablecloths. 2 days of downtime was a perfect tonic for my busy self and my bones feel stretched and relaxed. I have one more movie to watch. Yesterday was The English Patient which I'd never seen. Lovely and terrible and with so many scenes replaying on the mental cinema of my brain, I feel saturated.

Random thoughts (aren't they all?)
  • At the rate it is taking me to transfer music from the old cassettes to the PC, edit the music, burn the CDs and design and print labels for them, the music project won't be finished until 2009, if then
  • Kristin Scott Thomas is so beautiful
  • I'm afraid to put bill payments into the bank online because I don't want to see what our balance is(n't)
  • The skin medicine really seems to be working. I can already see and feel a huge difference.
Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: I might have loved him once
mood: busy
music: Pat Metheny—Cross the Heartland


Really great writing squared: yours' AND the one you linked

PS. I've never seen the English Patient either.

I don't know why I waited so long to see it. It was GOOD. And thank you, you really ARE too kind to me. :)

What a wonderfully rich word picture you painted of the wind storm. It's here at the moment as I read (and the lights flicker, the windows shake and the wind howls like a wolf) so it enhances the whole experience.

I also enjoyed The English Patient and totally agree that Kristin Scott Thomas is beautiful as well as being an accomplished actress. I thought she was great in The Horse Whisperer and Four Weddings and a Funeral among other films I've seen.

I haven't seen Horse Whisperer, but she was incredible in Angels & Insects.


I'm glad you're feeling better skin-wise, and yes, she is stunning!

"...sussurus..." You slay me.

as typo is my middle name, I should stay silent...but.....but....I can't....oh god....the crows are doing font styled acrobatics...

[by the way, great writing, BY YOU.]

HAHAHAHA!!! shit! I hate when I do that. I'm fixing it right now. :D

it was just too funny not to comment on.

crows sans wings, fall from arial formations. scripted to the ground. scraped clean as snow on driveway. by the morning street-sweeper. and nature reaches a full stop.


First of all, it's reassuring to know that someone as very together as you still has those problems I guess we all struggle with - being afraid to look at the bank balance! This month of January is hard - I think mostly because we get paid (around here) earlier in December and aren't very good at budgeting. It's like we think Santa Claus is going to cover the bills! (I speak for myself, that is.)

And - the English Patient was on here last week on one of the movie channels, and I watched most of it but had to go to bed before the conclusion. I recorded it and oh!so!good! Even better than when I watched it years earlier. And yes, Kristin Scott Thomas is divine (and brazenly nude) but I though Juliette Binoche was delightful indeed. And the guy who played Kip? Be still my heart!

~a silly Sam I Am

January is the toughest month money-wise, since we have the Christmas crunch plus we get hit with every big bill possible. All the ones that are monthly, quarterly and half-yearly all come at once. bleargh.

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