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Where did the day go? I swear it was morning just a minute ago and I was yawning my way up and into the bathroom to begin the day. And now, suddenly it's 9:30 p.m. and dark outside and the kids are in bed and somehow I went through an entire day of workworkwork and a trip to the pharmacy and a dinner out with ex-colleagues (which, someone please, remind me next time, NO. and driving all the way home...all apparently on AUTO-PILOT.

Sheesh. And I wonder why the years seem to fly be so fast. The days are being pulled out from under me, one at a time!
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I know the feeling.. Guess I shouldn't tell you that it is Martin Luther King day here in the US, and most businesses are closed! Another day to relax before another work/school day starts/disappears.. I think that besides 4th of July, this is the only time we have a "red" day in the US, and Sweden doesn't..

Take care.


I think you might be right! Although, when I worked at First Chicago Bank, we got Columbus Day and Veterans Day and Presidents Day, too. :)

We're in a time warp, me thinks. It used to go by slower, didn't it?

yes, indeed!

and then you blink, and go, oh what did I do today?

Still sounds like everything ended up in the right place, children in bed, and dark falling on house, and ex-colleagues left at restaurant, and mice in the parlour...

I remember a professor I had in University once telling us that he didn't mind getting older, he just hated having breakfast every 10 minutes. I chuckled at the time. I got the joke, theoretically, but I was 20 and couldn't possibly really understand. It's only now that I can slap my forehead and say, "Aaaaahhhhh NOW I get it." Because now I do. Life is racing by at an alarming rate.

Har! Ain't that the truth!! It really IS alarming. I want it to slow down! It's not like it will last forever!!

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