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Hey! I need some help from the intarwebs! I'm working on the beginning drafts of a web design project and would like some eyes other than my own...can you comment with some answers to the following questions? No blogs/journals, I'm looking more at professional/company/organization sites. If you have specific URLs, so much the better. :)

!) What kind of websites do you think are most appealing visually?

2) What kind of websites do you think are easiest to navigate?

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Hrm, hard to answer! My natural instinct is to say that it's rare that a site meets both of those things. There are some beautiful sites out there that are hard to navigate although I can't think of any but I guess it's not so much hard to navigate but you have to wait for something beautiful to happen and that's taken time and so all in all it's not the easiest of sites. My more traditional side likes things like which I find very easy to navigate, but perhaps that's because I've used it so often?? But it just seems simple. I find things that stick to a two or max three colours seem to be easier. And I seem to like a fair amount of white space. I hope that helps!!

White space is nice, ...but I also think every pixel counts when you have to convey info that people take in in seconds or click away from. The Quantas website IS nice...I like the setup and the color scheme, too.

I am a total dork, but I like the websites at my company:

I work a lot with the intranet (content wise) but I cannot show that to you, but I really like that as well.

I like menus that appear under main headings when you mouse over. And logical organization...

I like the descending menus, too. It's a site re-design that I'm starting and thankfully the structure is already very organized and logical, so I don't think I have to change much, if anything, there. :) It's more a facelift.

I love to have menu bar always visible, and prefer for it to indicate where in the site I am.

I tend to prefer image heavy and text light, and if there is lots of text I prefer enough space between text blocks.

What appeals, however, has a lot to do with what I am looking for from the website.

True, function does have to have the upper hand. I always think of the text blocks AS graphic elements, actually.

Just came across the following this evening and it has a lot of elements that I like in a site:

Also, this site by an acquaintance of mine - and a lot of the sites she's designed (also linkable from her site - I like:

ooh, lots to look at on that gallagerdesign site, thanks!

Non- techy keeps mouth shut.


I love that Pooh icon!

Even if you're non-techy, there must be websites you visit that you liked, or thought were pretty or easy to get any bookmarked you can give me the links for?

Here's a couple that I find easy to navigate because their indexes are on the side, easy to see, etc

thanks! I'll check them out! is the website for an organization I volunteer for and I think it is one of the smoothest around. You can go as deep or as shallow into it as you want, learn a lot, buy something or just look at cool stuff. Also, I must admit, that I love the website, but I love the organization even more. It's a great outfit.

thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out!


the following may not be exactly what you had in mind (I tend toward the artsy of course and steer clear of the corporate) but they all share a feature which I think is really important in any website: they clearly communicate at a glance what the company is about and achieve this in a clean, easily understood way without too many bangs and whistles and stay true to the "feel" of the prooduct/company troughout the entire website whether that be thru imagery, texture or spatial arrangement. And they are easy to navigate.

As an old design professor of mine used to say "if it doesn't communicate, it's garbage." These sites all communicate loud and clear.

hope they are a bit of an inspiration to you!
xo wee

oh thank you!! Just what I needed!

Also, lordy lordy, did you have to give me the link to West Elm?? COVET!! COVET!


I know, I know !!! It's too too cruel that they don't deliver to Canada. I keep threatening to steal my brother's credit card from him and charge it up. But then I guess they would wind up delivering everything to his house (he lives in Madison, Wisconsin) and all my sneek-ery would be for naught.


someday everyone will deliver everywhere. For free.

xo wee


Amazing eye candy, sure to get your juices flowing.... (oooh how I love these!!! Fancy goodness)

plus a resource window into a thousand different, well designed sites:

xo wee

You are the darlingest dear ever!! *runs away to look at websites* YAY!

I'm surprised...

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned

They are the best example of beautiful webdesign and how a full-CSS-based layout gives you enormous flexibility in changing the look and feel of a website with very little effort.

If you want more suggestions, you can always contact me at


Re: I'm surprised...

Probably because they, like myself, had never heard of it. Thanks very much for posting it, it sure looks like an excellent resource!

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