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You know, it would be a lot more fun having the week off from my family if I had the week off from work as well. Working 10-hour days all week wasn't really what I had in mind. *sigh*

State of the Lizardek Updates (for those who care):
  • Returned test results confirm birch allergy. Hyper-chronic year-round allergic reactions possibly a result of similar substances found in certain foods. List of such foods included from doctor, none of which I eat.

  • Work 10 hours yesterday in front of a computer with no problem. Come home and start to work on PC at home—eyes blur up almost immediately and am nearly blind by the end of the evening. Repeat same thing today. Could it be my flatscreen? If so, why hasn't it happened before 2 weeks ago? We've had the flatscreen for, what? over a year. Could it be the lighting? We've had the same lighting for FIVE YEARS. WTF?

  • Second to last day of antibiotics for the strep. I hope that takes care of it, especially since I've already had one colleague asking me what was up with me and the doctor visits?

  • Horrible itchy winter dryness turned out to be aggravated by the skin medicine. Have reduced dosage and it seems to be subsiding, THANK GOD.
Hypothetical Question: How many times can you lose it and yell "THAT'S BULLSHIT" (about someone else) to your boss in a 2-week span? Is it 3 strikes and you're out? Hrm. Some people (not my boss) deserve to be clutched by the neck and smacked rapidly back and forth in the face.

Yesterday evening my sister called and we had a good long chat/vent/talk which we haven't had in quite a long time. At one time she referred to the letter I had written to my family after Christmas as a sort of long newsy thank you wherein I mentioned the evil presents she had given my children/husband over the past couple of years and declared that she had won the sweepstakes for gifts that inflicted the most pain on her sister. They included, but were not limited to: a huge and loud radio-controlled racecar, dart-shooting Nerf machine guns and a remote control mini-Ducati for Anders. My roaring stomping dinosaur tail and feet costume for her son one year could hardly compete. I told her it was all going to be fingerpaints and drum kits from now on, but she shot me down by telling me her kids don't get to play with paints without her supervision and that they ALREADY have drum kits, so nanny nanny boo boo. "Fine," I retorted. "You leave me no choice. Next year it's porn and drugs."

Iceberry Snowberry Winter-to-go-Berry Birthday Wishes to ladyvox!
mood: grumpy
music: Elton John—Too Low For Zero


Hey, when did you start working where I work! And I think it depends on your boss. I can say a lot worse than that many, many more times than that and I get back knowing nods from my boss. But then I get no support either.

The birch allergy sounds bad for you living in the land of birch trees. I hope knowing it can lead to some solutions and relief.

Someone not too long ago (1222?) said she had read that expats who move to Sweden or the Nordics almost all develop severe birch allergies within 10 years. Classic case, I supposed, but the fact that I have severe symptoms year-round is a drag. Guess the next doctor I'll be visiting is the allergy specialist! :/

Thank you!!

Sorry to hear about your allergies:(

You haven't rearranged your chair, so at home you sit at a slightly different angle towards the computer screen than you used to? I've heard that LCD monitors can be stressful to your eyes if you don't look at them from the exact intended angle. Some doctors even warn about that, when people replace the old CRT with a LCD.

Okay, but how are you supposed to know WHICH angle? And if we've had the flatscreen for that long, why would it only now be bothering me? Hrm.

How about straight in front of the monitor? I'm sure the monitor has some specs about viewing angle, something like 140 degrees which would mean 70 degrees in each direction from the center. I suppose you use an "old fashion" CRT on your job?

A birch allergy all year round ... how horrid!, you must suffer during spring.
If it isn't food what else could it be? ... wallpaper, flooring?

Spring is particularly bad, but it's pretty bad no matter what, actually. I think I've just gotten used to it as it's increased gradually, so hadn't really understood how bad it was until recently when it seems like I NEVER feel well.

I'll have to find out what other kinds of things can trigger/sustain the reactions. Maybe I just need some massive kind of allergy shot to deal with it.

I'm wondering what would trump porn and drugs?

need to learn some new tricks to store up my sleeves too...

Nothing trumps porn and drugs except CHOCOLATE and porn and drugs! XD

Three strikes and you're out my arse - I was well in excess of fifty of those last year and still with a job.... just....

I hope you feel better soon!

thanks, me too!

The thing about the losing it and yelling is that I so rarely do it. I have to be REALLY stressed and really pissed to lose it at work, especially. Not a good sign. And no end in sight, unfortunately. We're SO busy, everyone is stressed out.

Well, actually, upon reading back over my reply, I have to say I do lose it and yell at home much more often. :P


Have you tried getting drops for your eyes? Sometimes indoor heat and dry up the liquid and make things blurry.


Re: eyes

Yep...I've used both Visine and the Swedish eyedrops which are for dry eyes. Neither one does a thing. I'm actually beginning to suspect that pure stress and "power of suggestion" are the real suspects here. Argh.

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