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  • 3 things about myself that still need work: Swearing, eyerolling, requiring instant obedience.

  • I had a conversation with the Help Desk at work last week in which I complained about the fact that my computer seemed slower than ever and what can they do to fix it? It wasn't the lastest updates, they maintained. They checked the memory: fine. They checked the capacity: fine. They checked a whole pile of other things: fine, fine fine. Conclusion: I am too fast for my own computer. In other words, it's just me.

  • I've been on a high, in a good mood for over a week, but this evening I came down with a crash for some stupid reason. I know what the stupid reason was, but I'm not sharing. Actually, there were 2 stupid reasons.

  • The clothes swap was cancelled because, of the 5 people who originally said they'd participate, 3 dropped out. So I called the other 2 and told them it was off, and yesterday afternoon the kids and I took all ELEVEN bags of clothes and shoes and accessories to the drop-off boxes for charity in the next town over. Last night, another woman who had originally said she'd participate and whom I'd COMPLETELY forgotten about, called to ask if it was still on because she and her sister were planning on coming. DOH. That would have been enough people to make it worth doing. argh

  • The more I stew think about it, the more I think that reason wasn't really a stupid one.

  • Tomorrow I am talking to the woman at our company who organizes travel, to arrange tickets for the trip to the U.S. in April. Woo hoo! Even if my bonus goes completely to pay for the tickets for Anders and the kids it will be worth it.

  • Projects I am in the middle of and may never be done with: inheritance inventory, cassette-to-PC-music transfer, book editing, library organization and purging, really thorough cleaning of the kids' department

  • Nanne Grönvall is competing in Melodifestivalen next weekend. I hope it's her year. There is an event that evening that I had been thinking about going to, but I, the one who rarely watches TV, am considering passing on the party to stay home and watch it. How pathetic am I? ...don't answer that.

  • Reason number 2 wasn't really stupid either. I only said they were stupid to defuse them. It didn't work.
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