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Aaaagh! Remember that item on my to-do list all last year that kept not getting done because it required a hefty fee, photos, paperwork and a trip to the embassy??* This one:
  • Renew Karin's U.S. passport

AAAGH! I never got Karin's U.S. passport renewed!

*commence total panic attack*

*Which is in STOCKHOLM. Keeping fingers crossed the Copenhagen Embassy will not give me shit when I call tomorrow to make an appointment.
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can't u do it via mail??

nope. No longer allowed for minors under the age of 14. In fact, if both parents can't show up WITH the child, the one that is absent has to have a signed, NOTARIZED form stating that it's okay for the child to apply for a passport. (!)


whoops. that was me- not signed in.
that completly sucks :( wow. how do they come up with the age of 14??

Trying to make it harder for international child abductions is what the official party line reads on the embassy websites.

Oh, I so hope the people in Copenhagen will let you do it there. I called once to see if I could get my name change amendment done there (back when they still did such things) and they wouldn't promise me that I could but they hinted strongly that it would be ok. And it was.

eek, ek.
I hope it all works out in a timely fashion.

Oh man, have I done the same thing or what? Good luck, I'm sure it will be stressful but sorted out in the end. I just hope your hair doesn't fall out in the process. *holds thumbs*


I am sending calming bubbles- for peaceful reactions by the Embassy people - they just can't mess this up now!!!! Love, Lizardmom

BREEEEEEEATHE. Hop into one of those 'calming bubbles' your fabulous mother has sent you...and visualize it all going SMOOTHLY. xoxo

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