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A link on an art blog that I check in on now and then was recommending a certain ezine: Get lost for hours and hours! And I thought, who has hours and hours? All you people who have hours and hours to sit and peruse the archives or issues of any website, where do you find the time? I mean, if you don't do it for work? Okay, I spend hours and hours on the computer, but I'm usually in the middle of 3 or 4 projects: website maintenance, newsletter editing, spider solitaire, book editing, inventory updates, music editing, reading through my bloglist, writing journal posts (only a couple of minutes when you use Miracle BulletpointsTM!), answering emails. But to sit and spend hours and hours on one site? I USED to have that time, years ago, at a job that only sporadically kept me busy. Nowadays, I guess I could do it over time. I certainly have the OCD ability to lose myself in something and keep returning to it until it's all gone, eat-em-up yum.


I'm in a good mood again, but I don't really feel like I have a lot to talk about at the moment. Things are going well, what more is there to say when that's the case? I have a lot of sympathy for friends who are going through rough spots concurrently, though. It seems there's always someone in pain, always someone whose life is being squeezed by distress or grief. And on the other side, there is always someone who is over the moon, ecstatic about the good things that have landed in their laps. Sometimes it's hard to keep your perspective when one minute you're thrilled for someone and the next deeply saddened and sorry for someone else's problems.


And NOW I'm in an even better mood because I just contracted for a translating job that will give me some extra money to help pay for the plane tickets for our U.S. trip!


This weekend I turned the kid's rooms upside-down. Each kid helped clean their own room without complaint (!): picking up, putting things away, organizing things, purging flotsam and jetsam and moving furniture. We vacuumed up a year's worth of dust bunnies from under every piece of furniture and rearranged until everything was just how they wanted it. There is a just a little bit of organizing and cleaning left to do in the playroom and then 1/3 of the house will be already spring-cleaned (clean-cleaned-clun? haha!) before spring has even sprung!


Too bad we have to get back to work tomorrow after we're done at the Embassy. It sure would be fun to stay and play the rest of the day in Copenhagen.


The kids are going to be gone overnight THREE nights this week!! Because it's spring break and they don't have school, they are spending two nights with farmor and farfar during the week, and this weekend they'll spend the night with our friends Emily & Martin who have been promising them this treat for a long time and finally making good on their promise. :) Three kid-free nights! What shall we do with ourselves? Hmmmm....


I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work and by the time I pulled into the driveway it was nearly 5:30 p.m. and IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUT. I know you're out there, Spring! I can see you coming! Yay!
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