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We're supposed to get TWO FEET of snow tonight and tomorrow.


That's 24 inches.
61 centimeters.
Oh geez! It's up to my knees!

I don't know whether to be pissed off or pleased as punch about it, given that in the former's favor the mild temps and increasing daylight has me longing for real warmth and spring flowers, and in the latter's favor we've had nearly no snow at all this winter so it would be kinda nice to have a little bit. It would have been nicer if it had come in January, when one thinks it's supposed to snow, but okay. I'm pretty sure that we'll be getting late and crazy snowstorms all the way up until April this year because the weather is just like that these days.

Crabby, tired and cold pretty much sums up the mood of the moment. Tomorrow, I hope, everything shall be bright white and sparkly so I shall go to bed soon and await the transformation!
mood: cold
music: K.D. Lang—Pulling Back the Reins


Wishing you a bright, sparkly day. :)


Thank you muchly! :)


TAKE PICTURES!! I can always use snow fantasies.


Yessir! I will get right on that. :P Don't you have snow up there in the snowy north?? I thought you guys had already gotten lots! This morning we had white alright, but it's just a blowy non-stick dusting. Not at all the whammo that we were promised/threatened. We'll see how the day goes.


hehe. Looks like you just got yerself a wee blast of Canada right there, missy. I was wondering when our little blizzard was going to hit you!!!

xo Wee

Well, so far, it's more of a fizzle than a blizzard. We woke to white, alright, but just a blowy dusting. It's still blowing about, but it's the tiny little non-stick type. *grump*

Be careful what you wish for...

Ha, ha. Do I feel a flurry of snow puns on the horizon?

OMG that icon!! aaaa!hahahahahaha!


It'll make you all the happier, next time springtime threatens.

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