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Birds are everywhere here. I suspect I notice them more now because there are so few other creatures out and about in this grey and snow-scabbed landscape. Some days ago, in the space of a short while, birds made their presence known to me in various ways. We were in the car, driving to the home of a couple that live far out in the country, who had promised the kids good sledding in the company of their son.

I saw: a fat black-and-white magpie sitting alone in the black branches of a skeletal tree, his shape silhouetted against the snow. I saw: a red-tailed hawk hovering over the edge of the road and another wheeling only a short distance away. I saw a small riverside field edged with reeds, and dotted here and there several beige and brown hawks, bigger than red-taileds. What were they doing, all together yet separate in that field? I saw: yet another hawk perched solemnly on the top of a weatherbeaten log which was serving as a fencepost. He didn't move a feather as the car passed. I saw: rooks as big as small dogs hopping nonchalantly to the shoulder as we approached and busily back after the car had gone by. And I saw: on the shallow nearly-iced surface of a silver pond, 2 swans. One was standing up, lifting his head and dropping it repeatedly and then reaching back over his shoulder in some kind of strange swan yoga. The other was a motionless and featureless ball of bright pure white feathers. The snow looked smudgy and stained in comparison, though it was white as well.

This has been a good, albeit busy, week. An enlivening set of AWC meetings on Monday with inspiring guest speakers and sushi beforehand, and the satisfaction of finalizing the website afterwards. A massage and then a huge pat on the back for myself on Tuesday with the discovery that I've lost 5 kilos (11 pounds!) in the last 4 weeks. A major affirmation at work. A new and swinging calypso song at choir practice yesterday. A nap today and another 2 pages down on the translation project and the knowledge that February is finally in the rearview mirror. The sky was light and high and pink behind me as I drove home, after having left work early for a doctor's appointment and a stop at the grocery store.

And my dinner tonight was scrumptious: bouyantly green leaf salad, crisp scalloped romaine, tasty and mouthwatering artichoke hearts, delicious little plum tomatoes, thinly-sliced crunchy cucumbers, a sprinkle of toscana seasonings with tiny herbed croutons and pistachio nuts, julienned ham and a small dollop of creamy garlic caesar dressing. Yum! I savored every bite.

The one little fly in my ointment was the horrible drooling nostalgia hunger that attacked me late the other night as I lay in bed thinking of all the foods I want to eat while I'm in America. Oh dear! The road to hell is apparently paved with Cinnabon and Fritos.

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Belated But Boundlessly Ebullient Birthday Wishes to dorky_secret!
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Good work on 11 pounds, very impressive! As for the pig-out-fest you are planning on having when you get here, remember that you'll probably be moving around a lot more while on vacation than you do while sitting at your desk working. I bet it will zero itself out.

Impressive perhaps, but barely makes a dent. :) And I'm not planning a pig-out, quite the contrary. In fact, I'm psyching myself up NOW so that I DON'T do that. Not going to be easy, though.

When is that travel date again? Soon?
Yum. Your salad sounds great. I managed ok on the spinach in my sushi today.
I am going back on the monthly massage plan.
Sounds like all is well in your world. Good to hear the bits and pieces.

April 1st. :)

Only a month away. WooHoo!


Maybe the birds you saw are scout birds? They go ahead of the rest of the flocks to check out the landscape, etc. The other morning, as I laid in bed, I heard birds singing - and that feels like spring to me!

YAHOOOOOO on those 11 pounds! That's EXCELLENT, Liz!! And in 4 weeks. I know everyone says to not focus on the pounds, but to notice how your clothes feel - but it's pretty gratifying when the pounds add up to 11!

But oh, Fritos, how I love thee. At least here you can get a little snack bag and indulge, but not with a huge bag. Unless you want a huge bag. :)


We can very rarely get them here. Once in awhile they show up in the American store at an exorbitant price, but I only get in there once or twice a year anyway. Fritos and salmon dip is my major downfall. OH YUM.

That's great about the 11 pounds. Think of it as freeing up guilt you can freely indulge in all of the world's crappiest mall food and junk snacks and not beat yourself up. ;)

About a week ago, our paper had a FRONT PAGE story on the crows who are crapping all over the small mall here. The FRONT PAGE. I thought, jesus, how bad IS it that it's made the FRONT PAGE?! Turn outs...pretty bad. They have to power-wash the parking lot daily and they can't even keep up with it...people are getting splattered walking to their cars at night. EEEWWWW.

I'm sorry, ...but WHAT? Are they only pooping? Are they not threatening or divebombing? We have a huge murder of crows in the little woods by the snail trail and there is no evidence of so much poop that the place ought to be power-washed every day. ??? *boggled*

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