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Martin called his father from fritids (after-school daycare) on Thursday to announce he was running a fever. Anders picked him and took him home, where he slept from 1 p.m. until 5 that evening. He had a fever on and off the next day, home from school, and slept a great deal of that day away as well. By Friday night Karin had picked it up, and even Anders was dragging and not feeling himself.

They got up at a decent hour this morning, though Martin was restless and awake until well past midnight and had breakfast at 8. I got up to check on them and both said they felt okay, but they both still had high temperatures and felt hot to the touch. Anders went to hockey practice and I went back to bed...and slept until noon. After I dragged my carcass from under the covers, I fixed lunch for the kids and shortly thereafter Martin went to lie down. Anders came home and now he and Karin are zonked out in the living room.

Anders has a dinner out tonight with friends, so I hope he feels okay enough after this nap to participate. I need to wake the kids up soon, otherwise they'll both be up all night. At least I am not, yet, running a fever. This does not bode well.

Viel Glück zum Geburtstag to Simone!
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Ugh. I hope everyone is better soon. Better to get this out of the way before the big trip though! How did it go with the passport by the way, did miss that?

We all went to Copenhagen about a week ago and dropped everything off. They told us it takes 2-3 weeks to process so hopefully we'll have it back by the middle of March.

Whatever that bug was, I hope you don't catch it!

Feel better soon. You rested up, the other three fever-less. Good that it's the weekend.

Let's hope the whole family don't get it all at once, at least one poor soul could be well and have to play Florence Nightingale.


That's the worst, isn't it, when everybody gets sick? Or how about sick kids and parent when the other parent is away? I've been there a couple of times. Trying to be nurse when you need nursing is no fun. Take care of yourself, Liz.


It's certainly happened plenty of times in the past, and was worse when the kids were small. I always seemed to be dealing with vomitous children when Anders was on a business trip, and believe me that is the LAST thing I can handle well. Thanksfully, this time at least, I'm not sick and no one *knocks wood* is throwing up.

Just reading something like that is enough to make it happen to me so I'll start knocking too. *knock, knock*

Ah the late winter cold. Such fun.


so sorry the flu is taking up residence in your residence-- hope it gets the boot soon


You have not had a lucky winter as far as health :(

Nope...but I'm not actually sick this time, just the rest of the family. In fact, today the sun is shining and I'm going for a walk, darn it! :)

Sending immunity your way!

Ick. Fevers are the worst. I hope you don't catch it! And yes, isn't tunstall awesome?

She's amazing. I can't believe I never heard her before!

(Sending healing vibes your way...) We've had a lot of sick kids at school. The scariest symptom (among adults I know) has been vertigo...some weird viral thing.

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