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Today everyone is better, the sun is shining and spring seems just around the corner, though the temperatures are still a bit chill. I want to fling all the doors and windows open, and put music on and turn it up. Martin and I went for a walk in the sunshine. We saw ladybugs, lots and lots of ladybugs! And smiling people. And barky dogs and inquisitive cats and flirty chirpy birds. And lots of people out working in their yards. It was such a nice walk that we think we'll go for another one in a little bit.

Martin proving he can do 3 things at once: walk, pat his head and rub his stomach!

I'm melting! I'm meeeeeelting!

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music: Lloyd Cole—Don't Look Back


Wow, crocuses! You're ahead of us a little bit. We had such a warm early winter that lots of stuff started to come out way too early, only to be blasted in February. Our yesterday was like your pictures with similar jokey piles of snow trying to hold on but no fat buds or crocuses. Soon, I hope!

We saw lots of snowdrops, too, and yellow crocus and some other yellow groundcover flower. And I could see tulip and daffodil sprouts starting up in some places. The forsythias had buds as well. I hope we don't get another freeze, there's snow on the forecast for tonight, but I think it's too clear and "warm" out for it, actually.

We just got home from a nice long sunny walk too! It was so encouraging to see so many people out walking - I felt a dizzy moment of impulse in which I wanted to start running around in circles shouting, "We're ALIVE! We're ALIIIIIVE!!"

I would never have been able to restraing myself! :D

Great photos! We had a gorgeous, sunny, mild day yesterday. It really does make everything else seem better. At least for me.

It makes a huge difference for me, too :)

poor old tree.

I agree. That's the big fir that was cut down a few weeks ago.

Wow, definite signs of spring there! Hurray! :D

You can't stop it, it's on it's way! Yay!

We had the loveliest spring day yesterday. I walked the four mile river loop with a friend. We saw pussy willows and crocuses and the buds on a pink flowering tree starting to swell. Today looks like it will be more of the same (after snow just four days ago.) I think I'll work in the garden today.

Glad to hear everyone's feeling better and the sun is out for you too.

I didn't see any pussywillows yet, they're one of my favorites :)

We saw a weeping pussywillow tree in the corner of someone's yard near the path. I'd never seen anything like it. Cute!
I love pussy willows.

Wow I am flabbergasted at the differences. We won't see a world like that until June. Yay for the slugbugs feeling better!

I know, it's incredible. I look at all your snowy shots late in the fall and wish we had snow (then), too. :)

I love photo essays! You are ahead of us here in Colorado, too. I saw a whisper of green in the garden, but it's come and gone again.

It's been crazy warm all winter here...the green never WENT AWAY. We've only had snow twice, as well as one other dusting.

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It was lovely! I never made it out for a second one, though. I fell asleep on the hot, sun-soaked sofa. :)


*happy grin*

It looks like it was a great day! I'm sad I slept through it.

Your son looks so happy! :)

He was pretty glad to be out and about after being down for the count for the last 3 days with that fever. I never made it out for a 2nd walk, though. I fell asleep on the couch!


We've actually had winter (a late one) here in the Stockholm area for some time now, that just now is starting to melt away. So you're ahead of us but we will catch up soon! Those photos sure makes me längta! :)

That cat... oh how I wish that was my hand on the photo. What an adorably cute beautiful little catface! :) Love cats... as if you hadn't noticed.

(Oh haha! Just saw a trailer for an upcoming show on Kanal 5:

A man asking a lady:

"Is it true that the Swedish word for union is *I leave it to you to fill in the blank!* ?"

Long silence from the lady, until:

"Oh but we say 'facket'!"

Haha. Kind of funny)


haha! That word gave me fits in the beginning. :)


i love your pictures!

thank you! :)

It reminds me, last year I took a walk on March 7th. Although I live more up north than you do, I'm quite sure it won't be half as much snow this year as it was in 2006:

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