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I always show Martin and Karin the photos of my online friend's cats and dogs, and of course they can't get enough of Cute Overload. So, when I saw that the pretty pretty Bluepoppy, who has been in a marvelous frenzy of daily posting lately, quite unlike her usual practice of making us sadly refresh and refresh and refresh wait a few days between nuggets of bloggy goodness, and MUCH APPRECIATED by her adoring public, had posted this scrumptious photo of her darling Daisy pup this evening, I immediately, of course, called Karin and Martin over to the computer to check out the 'dorable doggies.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, they both said.

I scrolled down to the 2nd and 3rd photos in the post, all puppity loveness, and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww! they said again.

Then I quite stupidly made the mistake of saying, "I'm going to get to meet those dogs! When I'm in Boston!"

Immediately, Karin's face clouded over and then her lip went out and huge white circles appeared under her eyes as her face went pink and tears threatened. She pushed me slightly. "Fusk!* she said, "Mama, NOT FAIR. I want to meet those dogs. Why don't WE get to go to Boston, too?!" All my sudden flailing and backtracking and apologizing and explaining was completely rebuffed. I am totally in the doghouse with my daughter.

I promised both of them lots of dog pictures from my visit, special just for them, but that wasn't good enough. How am I going to make it up to my dog-starved girl?

Gallons of Red Wine Birthday Wishes to the Great Miss Doxie!

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I know, I know! Do you know how many people I wish I could see while I'm in the States?? :( There's just no way to do it all in the short time I have in each place, especially with all the weekend dates wasted by traveling.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Oh - that is one cutie pup. You had best not mention that I'll get to see it also! :) And just after I've been wishing I still had a dog or some cats. But, don't get any ideas....I have no room for them right now!
Love, Lizardmom

No room, my ass.


OK- room, I have. Time, I don't! Lizardmom

Hm. Isn't it Lillebror (in Astrid Lindgren's "Karlsson på taket") who gets a stuffed toy dog from his mean, big sibling(*) before he gets a real, life dog by his parents?

(*) Gah, is it brother or sister? I can't remember without cheating through Google.

She already has a big giant stuffed yellow lab. It's well-loved but not enough anymore, apparently.


Ahhhh wellllll.... nothing to do really.

I mean, there's really no choice.

It'd be nice if there was a choice, but there's not.

You have to get her a dog. A big Labrador. Maybe one for each of them.

Hmm, I wonder if I can order you a couple from Amazon... checking...


Yes, well, since that is unfortunately not an option... :(

It is situations like this one wished you had some nice neighbours who own cute, well behaved dogs for your children to meet infrequently.

A song our English teacher told us:

Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow
Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow
I've got a little cat, and I'm very fond of that,
but I'd rather have a bow-wow-wow

Every single one of our neighbors has a dog. Karin is surrounded by other people who have dogs.


Well since the kids and I are coming with out Tom for about 5 days we could bring Kyra I was planning to leave her home cuz of Anders but if you think he could deal with her then I will. Let me know. Then you will be in the doghouse still and Aunt Sarah will still RULE! >:)

My B-day gift arrived but none for Bryce yet.

Love, your ever devious Seester.

I didn't know if you were driving or flying. Anders NEVER reacts to dogs, and it's only 5 days, so if it's okay with mom, it's certainly okay for us. Karin has already asked about Kyra!


It is done then! Tell Karin, Kyra is coming! I talked to Mom earlier today and she thought Kyra was coming anyway as I always bring her. So i still retain my title. : )
Love Seester


What do you mean..."Anders never reacts to dogs"??? I thought that WAS the problem. Lizardmom

He's ALLERGIC to them, according to the tests the doctor ran, but he's never had a problem around dogs, ever.

Oops. Maybe they drool a lot, yeah, that's it, they slobber and drool all over little girls. Somehow I think that would work on Ingrid but make no difference to Karin.

You're right in that suspicion :)

There's always something a Mom can't make up. Be glad its just a trip to see a dog.
Although a disgruntled daughter can sure but a pain in the....
And maybe the seester's dog will come and make it better?
And maybe, more than anything, Karin just needed to vent her frustration. Sometimes I we mothers want to fix what ain't broken every little thing for our daughters, when they simply need to be free to feel and live through it.

I'm kinda hoping my sister will bring her dog now. Karin asked about that, too.


Anything for my Niece!!!!


Get her a dog? Grin!

wish we could! :(


I was dog crazy too, as a girl kid. Thankfully we got to dog-sit a beautiful white dog named Sandy A LOT, so I could pretend she was mine. And maybe one day you can get that dog of yours - your Swedish laws are funny. Don't they have pounds where just anyone can get a mutt? Are there no unwanted dogs in Sweden? :)

~Sam, who is catching up on blog posts. :)

They DON'T have pounds, no, and there are no (or very very few) unwanted dogs (or cats, for that matter) here in Sweden. There are very strict ownership and breeding rules. I don't know anyone who has a mutt, actually.

But the reason we can't get a dog has nothing to do with laws, it's due to the fact that Anders is allergic to dogs, and his allergy manifests itself as asthma, which we can't mess around with. Despite the fact that he has never reacted to dogs (it was the clinical tests that showed the allergy) we can't take a chance on getting a dog and then having to give it away if he gets worse, and we especially can't take a chance on his getting worse. :(

oh dear oh dear

Hmmm, perhaps we can FILM you with the dogs and then you bring that home and it is "live" so to speak for the kids to enjoy--

FUSK-- how much do I LOVE that word!! Heeee


Re: oh dear oh dear

No one says it like a 7-year-old: FOOOOOSK!

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