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That was fun! Thanks to everyone for playing along on my last post. I learned a lot about you internet psychos my online friends. :D For those interested, my answers to my own questions are under the cut.

1. Organized religion and evangelism. I rarely allow myself to talk about it with anyone.
2. Aswan Dam. No, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. No, the midnight sun. No, the Taj Mahal. Hmmm...
3. 25+
4. All of them.. Not a one. Okay, one of them was.
5. I wrote a report on the gila monster when I was in elementary school of which I was inordinately proud. Sadly, I no longer have it. Sorry, posterity!
6. English, Swedish and some mostly-forgotten German, but I would like to learn a non-Germanic language someday.
7. Geggamoja! It's Swedish for mud/goo/gunk
8. For all you who asked what dough-and-fruit was, it appears that sadly, the day of the Pie has passed.
9. He could chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Duh!
10. Book, hands-down...with fantastic illustration a hairsbreadth behind.
11. Not if you can help it. Although sometimes they just work. Of all the pets I've had, only two had "people" names: Heidi (a dog) and Toby (a cat)
12. Yes, and I always give thanks at how lucky I've been!

At the moment, I feel a bit as if I have nothing much to write about and no philosophical meanderings have come to the forefront of my brain and insisted on seeing the light of day. I had a lovely dinner and late night conversation at the home of one of my First Friends yesterday evening, though one of the group was missing. It's been a pretty quiet Saturday, sleeping in a little bit, doing laundry, cleaning the bathtub, reading a good book, working on the translation project, recording music, going for a walk in the sunshine with the kids while Anders put the trampoline up in the backyard to their delight. Tonight is the big Melodifestivalen final so we'll be parked in the living room with a big bowl of popcorn.

I hope your weekend is turning out as nice. How are you spending it? Are you doing anything special? As you can see from the paragraph above, I am. :)
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