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Whirly wheels of mind mechanics, my brain is spinning, it seems. This whole week has been crazy busy, punctuated by a one-two-three punch of anger/disappointment/resignation. I've worked late 2 days, tonight until 7 p.m.. With only 2 weeks left before I leave I'm feeling the pace start to increase and threaten to overwhelm.
Today at work, I:
  • finalized a 24-page product guide
  • re-sized an ad layout
  • re-sized and edited photos
  • found things, sent things, uploaded things, transferred things, archived things, proofread things, showed people how to do things
  • delegated 3 HTMLs, 4 datasheet layouts and a content extraction
  • brainstormed about a corporate presentation template
  • reviewed and revised, basically re-creating from scratch, 2 presentations of 19 slides each
  • localized the layouts for campaign materials in 4 languages, including 2 web banners, 1 2-sided postcard, 2 letters, 2 envelopes, 1 poster, and 2 advertisements
Only one about half of those things were on my to-do list. Tomorrow I have 2 more presentations, 4 more languages, 2 more ads, an HTML, a 2-page flyer and some translation coordination to do. And that's just the short list.

I've got a load of laundry in and gave the kids a bath, and Martin and I read 2 chapters in Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Now I'm going to pay the bills and translate 2-3 pages. Then I shall collapse, muddy and exhausted (but not before reading a chapter of the book I'm in the middle of, I hope).

Rock 'em Sock 'em Birthday Wishes to My Nephew Bryce!
mood: busy
music: Keren Ann—Sailor and Widow


Mrs. Frisby is an excellent book!

Oh I know, I long for the day my kids are ready for it!

Very impressive. Such productive days always feel so good.

BTW, I was drinking spring water out of Tetra pack and it made me think of Anders.

:) that would make him laugh!

why does "proofread things" look wrong? Does the word need a hyphen to look correct?

Maybe. I don't know which is correct...they both look right to me.

Yikes! A vacation will be good for you!

ain't that the truth!

The nerd in me read that title as Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NiMH and wondered why someone would write a childrens' book about rechargable rats, and what that means. Battery driven supposedly. At least they were not Rats of NiCd.


Busy, Busy, Busy! Well Bryce voted his Remote control race car ( the same EXACT one Karin got) and Rock em Sock em Robots game from you his two BEST MOST AWESOME gifts from his Birthday : ) they have played with it a ton. he called and spoke to the rest of your family on his birthday but you were not home. The party was a success and the birth-DAY was also a success.

Thank You and see you soon, in how many weeks Mom? oh yeah see you in two and a half weeks and we are bringing the dog cuz Karin needs a dog fix.
Love Bryce

Love Seester

Lordy, your days always make me tired just reading about them! I don't think they pay you enough - you're obviously working as hard as two people.

Heh. I'll tell my boss.

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