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Sudden Rocket Thought Bombs: OMG, there are only 2 weeks left until vacation! *run in circles scream and shout*

Conversations at the Dinner Table:

Karin: I wish Grandma still had her pool.
Liz: Yeah, it will be weird to walk into that room and have it missing.
Martin: Yeah.
Liz: She even knocked down the cement foundation in the basement.
Martin: *amazed* GRANDMA did?!
Anders: *makes a muscle with his arm*
Liz: *laughing* Yeah, don't mess with Grandma!!

Karin: Mama, how did you know you were in love with daddy?
Anders: What? How could she resist? Look at me!...Listen to me!...Smell me!
Martin: *giggles madly*
Liz & Karin: *exchange raised eyebrows*
Liz: He's right, how could I resist that?

I was talking to my sister on the phone this evening about Easter plans, as she and her kids will be coming up to Mom's while we are there for the holiday weekend. She is already in full-on holiday prep mode, buying things for Easter baskets and planning cookie baking and egg coloring and hunting. We talked a bit about what to put in baskets and that Karin won't eat chocolate and Bryce doesn't eat it much either, so other options need to be found besides chocolate bunnies. Then Sarah mentioned she had found stuffed Peeps. And I stammered with bewilderment completely and couldn't continue the conversation for a second. Then I burst out with "Stuffed with WHAT??" envisioning sugar-coated marshmallow chicks and rabbits stuffed with...caramel? chocolate? MORE SUGAR? Good god, the mind BOGGLES! Alas, (or maybe "WHEW!") she meant PLUSH Peeps.

Karin's MP3 player needs an AAA battery and we don't have any on hand, so I dug in the closet and found my 24-year-old Walkman and gave it to her with some cassette tapes. "Is that an MP3 player?" she asked me. Hrm. "Well, no," I said, "it's the grandaddy of MP3 players." I put a tape in and showed her how to work the buttons and how to rewind. One side of the headphones is missing its little foam cover. A few minutes later she asked me if Walkman was the name of the guy singing.

Anti-Aging Miracle Method Suger-Free Cupcake Birthday Wishes to brief_therapy!
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