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...but Karin wants me to come sit with her until she falls asleep. This drives me bananas because I know full well she can fall asleep on her own if she just gives it a minute, and I get very frustrated with the constant drama surrounding bedtime for my daughter, but you know what? Some day she won't be living with me anymore and I will very likely regret the times I DIDN'T sit with her, so...
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You chose wisely.

There will indeed be days in your future where you'll be glad for the sitting by Karin's bedside.

I promise.

I know. I need to remember it more often. :)

I still sit with Anders in the rocking chair and rock him to sleep every night even though I know I should train him out of it. But he still fits in my arms and that stage of life will be over before I know it. Soon enough he'll be too big for it and any remnants of his baby self will be gone forever.

I don't miss the baby stage much, but I really miss the 3-4 years old part :)

You know, I can sleep on my own too, but I am so happy that Dirk is there to cuddle up against and share my thoughts with before I fall asleep.

I completely understand Karin wanting the comfort of you being there. Cherish these times, because, as you say, they don't last forever.

I wish Anders would do that. He comes to bed well after I'm asleep nearly every night. I can't possibly stay up so late, especially on weekdays. And now I'm trying to be better about going to bed at a decent hour, it's even more of a problem.

Dirk and I had a period during which we were both living irregularly and would routinely go to bed at different times. We were both unhappy with the situation and discussed it. We made an agreement to try - with the exception of times when one of us acutally needs to get something done - to go to bed together most nights. I'm glad to the change. It is one of the best moments to really talk and share thoughts, I've found.

Thank you for reminding me of this. I often say 'no' because I'm thinking "I've got to do the dishes, sort the laundry, wash the kitchen floor, and have a little time for myself". But it is very true that the days when they will want me to sit near them while they drift off are soon to be ending...

I, too. I've got to answer emails, or work on projects or clean or whatever. I'll kick myself one day for the things I took for granted and the time that went by so fast never to return.

yep, less domesticity more elasticity when giving in to children's demands to lie with them as they fall asleep. I must do that. been a while, and they are growing up so d*mn fast.

Ooooh. I so don't want to read this. Bean is giving me SO MUCH TROUBLE with sleeping through the night and falling asleep, both. I was so hoping it was just a phase. What to do???

Karin's been "unusually difficult" when it comes to sleeping her whole life. She didn't sleep through the night until she was 5 years old. And even since then it's never a given.

PS. I have some super-duper exciting news just for you. Check your email. :)

I didn't get any email! what news!?! Aaagh! You're driving me crazy!

I like your logic.

So true. I'm beginning to feel that way now that I only see Charlie a few times a week. I think that we were so stressed with job/school and never had any free time that I began to take him for granted. I feel badly admitting that, but it's true. He came in the other day and didn't want to kiss me since some boys said it's äckligt and it just broke my heart. Luckily, he got over it and will give me kisses. I now let him sleep with me if he wants, even if I'm super uncomfortable, since that will soon disappear as well.

They just grow up so darn fast! All my squishing is in vain!

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