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Suddenly, it all starts to catch up: the amount of things I've done in the past few weeks, the amount of things still to do before we leave, the phenomenon of Spring drowsiness, the additional fatigue engendered by daylight savings time ending and the fact that I didn't get to sleep in...I mean, REALLY sleep in at all this weekend.

But the translation project is nearly done. My part is finished, now it's only the proofreading from Anders and I'll be able to deliver the project this week. And Malmö Redhawks won the hockey game in overtime yesterday; despite a pallid and uninspiring performance it was still energizing and fun to sit rinkside at a live hockey game and cheer. Every time I yelled something at the players in English, "Go, go go! Do something with it!" the 3 kids of varying ages sitting in front of me turned around in their seats and stared at me open-mouthed, finally asking their father in a not-so-subtle whisper, "What is she SAYING?!"

The birthday party is over, the children's concert and church service (which featured, at one point, a very overweight minister in a flowing white robe with the addition of a long scraggly blonde wig, paper wings and a tinsel halo) is over, the dentist's appointment is over (no cavities!), book group is over and I've gotten most of the shopping for presents and schtuff done. The hair appointment is over as well, and Barky is tamed again: short, bouncy with curl and RED.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the house is relatively clean and I just finished re-reading a fantastic book.

A couple of nights ago, after we had gotten home late and put the kids in bed, I was checking email and attached to one from a choir member was this video of a Honda car commercial in which a choir imitates the sounds of a newly released model. I watched it through and then called Anders in to come see it, and turned up the volume so we could hear all the details. Right as the video reached its conclusion, Karin, in her red fleece Spiderman pajamas, came stomping out of her room and stood in the doorway with her arms akimbo and a scowl on her face. "That is REALLY ANNOYING," she groused loudly at us and then turned and stomped away. Anders and I laughed for 5 solid minutes and then he rhetorically asked if she was related to me...at least I assume it was rhetorical.

I also got the super news a few days ago regarding my trip to Boston, that I will not only be getting to meet up with e11en, and finally get to meet the wonderful and inspiring Bluepoppy but also that another woman I admire so much and have been dying to meet will be joining us and I'll be finally able to give a huge hug in person to Christina Rosalie as well. Squee!

What with getting to the States after a nearly 3-year interval, spending Easter with my family, my sister, my mom, my cousins and relatives and great good friends Kathey and Russell, and then all THIS, my cup totally and completely runneth over. :)

Buoyantly Beautiful and Bountiful Birthday Wishes to: emmabovary and my little brother johann_metzger (belated), and the same, though on-time today to esmecat!
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