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Getting compliments on my hair from colleagues all day long

Having to eat sushi for lunch because there were no salads in the vending machine and the lunch-of-the-day selection was nasty

Leaving work early while the sun was doing a bang-up job of imitating a summer day

Getting the word from my doctor to stop the skin treatment medicine I've been on for 4 months because it has done its job

Playing hookey for an hour after the doctor's visit to speed shop: groceries—done! Presents—done!

Even going back to work and working for another hour which allowed me to thwack several things off my to-do list

A massage scheduled for tomorrow afternoon

A meeting to look forward to tomorrow with an interesting guest speaker and a MEDIA SALE (books! CDs! DVDs!)

A 4-day forecast which shows nothing but clear skies, rising temperatures and sunshine ahead

Budding Blooming Bursting Into Spring Birthday Wishes to carrieb!
mood: happy
music: Barenaked Ladies—If I Had $1000000


Isn't spring wonderful??


Isn't spring wonderful??
~Tripping Daisy

It most definitely is!

Oh what a yummy, scrummy, perfect day!

"Having" to eat sushi???? lol

It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it! :P

Admit it, you would use any excuse to eat sushi. ;)

Hooray for days where things go your way!


Speaking of spring.

I took a walk home from a meeting today. It's a walk of between 3-4 km.

I had my new jacket on, that was really too thin for the temperature, but it was not unbearably cold. Despite this I got really hot by walking. The sun was warm against my skin.

Now my thermometer in the sun shows 30 degrees! Wow... My balcony in the sunlight is summer warm.


I know! It was gorgeous here today, too, and I was too warm as well in my thin little jacket :)

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