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  • laundry - 3 loads 2 loads 1 load
  • send final translation project
  • scrape tank and change water in aquarium
  • clean bathtub drain
  • empty wastepaper baskets
  • water plants
  • buy last present
  • collect cameras - batteries - cards
  • select activity books for kids
  • fill kids' backpacks
  • pick up kid's department
  • dust and vacuum house
  • go for a walk in the spring sunshine, buy pansies at the nursery, clean up the front garden beds and plant them in pots
  • empty fridge
  • set timers
  • put "ingen reklam" sticker on mailbox
  • call farmor and farfar with flight info
  • check michigan weather online one more time
  • inform neighbors
  • call sister to sing happy birthday
  • get suitcases down from attic
  • pack
Tags: americanabroad
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