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Märta and Einar will be here any time to start the cleaning marathon. However, first I MUST go to the store because we ran out of toilet paper. I've known it was coming all week, but was too busy and never near a store to do anything about it, and Anders didn't remember either. He probably never thought about actually, because he's a man, and men don't have running grocery lists in their heads at all times.

The sushi dinner last night was good, if a little weird. There was lettuce in all the rolls. It wasn't bad or anything, just weird. I wasn't all that impressed actually, except with the prices which were substantially lower than our usual place. However, by the end of the evening I was craving a sensation maki so bad!

gale_storm and I went back to her place and she showed me all the gorgeous stuff she's accumulated in the past few months. She is, literally, swimming in paper and pretty things. Her work is so nice and very inspiring. She showed me a couple of sheets of paper that I was really salivating over and may have to hunt down on the web to purchase: one was off-white covered with pale chocolate brown oak leaves, just gorgeous. Payday is a week away, however.

The kids woke us up at the ungodly hour of 7 a.m. this morning (SATURDAY, mind you), causing me to burrow further under the covers and growl like a bear.

I've got to work on the AWC website today!! I'm SO behind! I haven't even started it yet, and the deadline is 9 days away! Aaagh!


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