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I like going fast. I like driving fast (at least, faster than I should, though I don't like going TOO fast, because that triggers my control issues) and I like working fast.

I read fast.
I type fast.
I eat fast. (which I'm told is not a good thing)
I respond quickly in conversations with snappy comebacks.
I make snap judgements sometimes.

I don't live in the fast lane, though. And I have never fasted in my life, though I understand it can be quite cleansing.

I have no idea why I wrote all of that. It just came out. Quite quickly.

Tomorrow after work we are driving north 2.5 hours to meet 2 internet ladies who have been inspiring me since I first "met" them. I feel like a big geeky stalker. I feel like Cinderella getting to go to the ball (only my real prince is home in Sweden). I hope they like me. I hope they don't think I'm a big dork, even if I AM a big dork. I hope I don't laugh at inappropriate moments. I hope they don't think it's weird that I don't drink coffee or wine. Not that I really care if they do, since I really don't care what people think of my habits or opinions, but I feel all twittery with anticipation, and I can't wait! I wonder if they feel the same way, too. :)

And I get to meet Henry and Ollie and Daisy, too, so WOO HOO!

Today, the sun came out, though I didn't see much of it since I'm borrowing someone's cubicle and it's not close to a window. I'd forgotten what working in cubes is like, it's been so long. It's different than the open landscaping I've been stuck in, in Sweden. If I had to choose between the two, I'd pick cubes over open landscaping any day, but O! How I miss my own office.

Great Big Gobs of Gooey, Schmooey Birthday Hugs to Meg Fowler and April Showery Springtime Flowery Birthday Wishes to jackiejj and blue_eyed_girl!
location: Massachusetts
mood: bouncy
music: Mom asking me crossword puzzle clues


I actually kinda like knowing that you feel like a big geeky stalker. Because I really want to meet you in person someday, and that makes me feel the same kinda no-really-I'm-not-creepy.

I want to meet everyone on my friends list :) I hope I get to the Chicago area again someday soon, it's been WAY TOO LONG since we were there. And if I do, there are a whole bunch of you in the vicinity, so I'm sure we could organize a fun party! :D

I am sure it did not come out Quite quickly.

I am sure it was just fast.


I'm so jealous that you get to meet the Butterscotch Bunch. Take pictures!!!!! Lots and lots of pictures!

xoxoxoxo wee

Pictures have been taken and will be edited and posted :)

To Fast Cinderella

I know what you mean. As of yet, I haven't had any LJ meet-ups. I was in North Carolina last summer, but travelertrish was around the globe. That and the time a couple of years ago when you were in Grants Pass (three or four hours away) are the closest I've come. In my imagination though, there is a sort of hyped up and excited shyness...
You'll have a great time though. They'll love you. Fast. They already do.

Re: To Fast Cinderella

You were in GRANTS PASS, Liz?! Why do I not remember that? Hope you have a fabulous time with BP and Christina! xoxo

Re: To Fast Cinderella

Seems like (in my foggy memory) that Liz and her family were somewhere else and she went into Grants Pass just for the day or some such, to meet up with a bunch of old girlfriends~ with an already filled schedule. My memory could be falsifying some of this..*chuckle*

Re: To Fast Cinderella

No, your memory isn't playing you false. I did go there to have a reunion with my junior high gang, that was 3 years ago :)

Re: To Fast Cinderella

Good to know the old memory has still got the grab now and then. *chuckle*

Re: To Fast Cinderella

I was! My oldest and best friend lives there, and our gang of junior high buddies from Holland had a reunion the summer I turned 40...3 years ago!! Good grief, how times flies.

We had a SUPER WONDERFUL time this weekeend, and I did NOT want to leave BP's beautiful home. :)

no worries, mate

It's quite alright that you don't partake of the coffee or wine as that means MORE FOR ME!

And, I'm delighted that you are coming for a visit and for my part hope you don't feel disappointed and think upon weekend's close, "hell, rocks and leafless trees-- we should've stayed in the city."

a tres tres bientot-- bp

Re: no worries, mate

Disappointed doesn't even come close to what this weekend did for me. LITERALLY. "Disappointed" is in fact, about as far as I could have gotten. It was PERFECT. And YOU were perfect. And Christina was. And the weather was. And the house was. And the dogs were. Perfectly perfect in EVERY WAY.


They will think you are wonderful, because you ARE!! But I would be SO nervous, too. I am sure that it went off like a top, and how cool that three of my favorite Internet people were in the same place at one time? And I know Soliden is simply magical, no matter what season!


It was SUPER WONDERFUL. You would have LOVED it. We took a photo for you, but it's on Christina's camera, so you'll see it as soon as she gets home and gets it emailed :)

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