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Christina, Lizardek and Lizardmom
Christina, Lizardek & Lizardmom

Henry, the one of a kind dog
Henry, the One-of-a-Kind Dog

Ollie rarin' to go
Ollie rarin' to go

3 bloggers and 3 dogs
3 bloggers and 3 dogs: Lizardek, Christina and Bluepoppy with Henry, Ollie & Daisy

Darling Daisy
Darling Daisy
location: Massachusetts
mood: happy
music: the refrigerator humming, Mom turníng pages, peepers in the background


Oooh, let's go back immediately!

We were so close to going back this evening!! We accidently left our boots there, so we had the perfect excuse, but Mom had some kind of ear/sinus infection start up overnight yesterday, so we didn't make it. Even to go up for a few hours would have been worth it, though!! Don't wait too long before you go again :)

gorgeous, all of you, bloggers and doggers!
what happened to barky? he looks different. (still very pretty though)

He (or I guess she, really) BEHAVES in America. In Sweden, I've given up and let him/her have full reign. There's no controlling him in Sweden.

I can completely understand the compliments on your hair. Barky is looking fantabulous. As is the scenery...

That's not Barky. That's my REAL hair. Barky is my hair's evil Swedish twin.

Shiny happy people. That has to be the best, most perfect, most appropriate, title ever used on an LJ entry. :)

I have to agree with you wholeheartedly, sir.

I'm behind in reading your lj so I have to say....You've lost weight!!! You look great! Glad you are having fun on your trip :)

Well, I HAD lost weight...before I got to the States. I went up the 2nd week, but only a little...I'm a little worried about what the last 2 weeks have done. Oh well, plenty of time to buckle down upon my return :)

Looks like fun. And barky looks great!

It was a blast. :) And that's not Barky. That's my REAL hair. Barky is my hair's evil Swedish twin.

So your hair does this thing only in Sweden? Kind of like mine does sometimes at the coast? What is it about Sweden?

Well, I don't think of Sweden as "humid" per se, but there must be a lot more moisture in the air!

Great picture!
Henry: It's so hard to get these bloggers to sit still long enough to take a picture...

The caption 3 bloggers and 3 dogs reminded me about the old logic problem how to get three missionaries and three (?) cannibals over a river. I'm not sure what I want to say with that comment, just wanted to share the thought. You decide whether bloggers are missionaries or cannibals. ;-)

happy and nice hair

You all look so darn happy! And great hair!


Re: happy and nice hair

Heh. My hair gets all the limelight!


Your hair does look so lovely! I find a good change in water (hard/soft) really affects my hair - but I never remember which one I like better. I think it's soft.

And OH MY GOODNESS - sweet baby Daisy is a big girl dog! And that rock just looks perfect for all sorts of wonderful things - namely, lying in the sun and reading a book!


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