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All the white blossomed beauties are in full bloom these days. Every day is sunny and blue with a high bright sky and just enough chill in the air to make it comfortable and keep the flies under control. I've put up screens on all the windows in anticipation of rising temperatures and switched to the summer blankets on the beds. This evening Karin and I went for a walk and took the camera with us, as I was determined to finally, after NINE years in Flyinge, capture the pear tree allée in full bloom. Every year I anne-of-green-gables my way under the White Way of Delight and then never get around to returning for photographs.

The spirea and cherry trees are also perfectly puffed full of themselves with flowers, along with a pretty flowering white bush whose name I don't know. We walked all around the neighborhood, greeting other evening promenaders, and up on to the hill to blow wishes on dandelions and follow the sun back down to our home. Across the backyard, the horses and pony were hanging out grazing. Usually they run away when we come near, but they must be used to the kids now, who are endlessly laughing and bouncing on the trampoline, as they just pricked up their ears and continued with their evening meal of fresh spring grass.

Click here for a giant version

Anyone know what this bush is?

Cracking Me Up: Pears are, in fact, not at all apples

Singy Swingy Zingy Springy Birthday Wishes to same_sky!
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Are those peer trees?? Very pretty. We have a similar blossomy tree in our backgarden, it was in full bloom last week and it was simply stunning. Shame it only stays that way for about a week with the current weather:(

Welcome back to Sweden btw!

Yes, they're pear trees. We walked under them again today and they are already nearly half done. The pathway was covered in white petals.

That is a White Way of Delight.

I have a Lake of Shining Waters near my house...I'll post a picture of it someday.

Please do!

What a beautiful pathway. And you still have your beautiful my side of the pond hair. Barky hasn't returned.

The weather has been so fantastic (cold and clear and dry) that Barky is still sleeping :)

Hiphip hooray.


beautiful! how about the pink and yellow trees. do u have those as well?
just gorgeous this time of year.

We have all the pink ones: Cherry and Japanese cherry mostly, plus some I don't know the names of. The pink flowering bushes haven't quite come yet. The forsythia (yellow) is nearing its end, and the lilacs are starting now, too! :)

Great pictures. I love the one of you with the allée in the background.

I'm pretty certain the bush is a Cherry Laurel - Prunus laurocerasus. It might be a more specific variety such as Prunus laurocerasus 'Angustifolia'.

That "pears are not apples" article amused me greatly. Thanks.

It made me laugh out loud. :D

Ah! I had a feeling it was some kind of laurel, judging by the leaves. It's now the background of my new banner :)

What a gorgeous picture of you Liz. I bet it feels good to be home.

Why, thank you! Karin took it. :) It DOES feel good to be home. It feels good to have a lazy weekend in the sun doing nothing much but reading and puttering about the house and grilling dinner and eating it on the porch and going for walks so I can gawk in wonder and joy at spring!

I ADORE that picture of you Liz. So much that I want to download it and print it out and put it on my wall just so I can look at it and smile... and I'm terribly, terribly jealous of all of your flowers. We're just getting that hazy green look here on the hills--the almost leaves look. No flowering trees yet, so your photos are more than tantilizing.

I confess I'm walking around in a flower-struck spring-daze. It's BEAUTIFUL in Sweden in the Spring when the sun is shining...and my god, it's been shining for a MONTH!

Just caught up on your recent posts. Must feel good to be home, eh? These photos are GORGEOUS...especially the one of YOU. xoxo

You're a sweetie :)

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