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I always claim autumn as being my favorite season, what with its cooling days, perfect for sweaters, and the abundance of color in the treetops, among other things that bring me joy. But when I experience a spring like this one I'm hard put not to do a complete aboutface. Spring is truly a wonder. There's something new every day, every moment practically.

The kids ran laughing and shrieking through the sprinkler this afternoon, sleek as upright seals, their legs coated with tiny green grass shavings. They put the sprinkler under the big trampoline and screeched as the water tickled their feet through the weave. Later, they ran away to play with friends and left an outgoing tide of crumpled towels and bright, plastic juice cups abandoned on the deck.

I pulled a lawn chair from the garage and sat on the deck in the sunshine. All the typical summer sounds surrounded me, filling the air with birdsong, bird calls, horse whiffles, the distant drone of a lawnmower. Pale yellow butterflies bumbled about by the ditch, a ladybug crawled slowly by my shoe. The large black parents (crow or jackdaw, I couldn't be sure in the sunshine) of the baby birds nested in our garage flew swooping by, landing on the playhouse and the trees across the ditch, obviously not wanting to go in under the eaves while I was sitting there. It appears some type of wren is using the playhouse birdhouses as well, which makes me inordinately happy.

As if everything were water, the sun sparked a silver line from the entire world. The grass shone, the new leaves on the trees sparkled silver in the breeze. I kicked off my shoes and put my legs up. The cherry tree is nearly done blooming, only a few white blossoms still clutch at the end of the highest branches. I went inside and found pressed flower paper, appropriate for the springy feeling inside me, and wrote a letter of thanks to a friend. The paper grew soft in the warmth of the sunshine and the ink in my pen glittered. O! It had glitter IN it! Diamond sparkles on the page. I covered both sides with shining writing and folded it and tucked it into an envelope with rose petals on the flap.

If it sounds like I am spending my days in a spring-struck daze you'd be half right. Other things are going on as well, some of which are not so nice and which I have therefore chosen not to write about here. While I seldom choose to share things that are bothering me here with the internets, it has been brought home to me in more ways than one recently and with more than one person that my ideas of friendship and common courtesy are apparently not the same as others and I have been doing quite a lot of stewing and re-thinking about both. More, perhaps, on that subject later. For now, I hope it is enough to share my happiness at the burgeoning spring and the glory of daily sunshine in Sweden.

On another note, I was very bummed out to learn last night that Pandora is no longer available outside the U.S. due to issues with global licensing rights. Thankfully, no one has shut down Musicovery to ISPs abroad yet, but I have a feeling it's just a matter of time. I would never have discovered so many wonderful new artists and bands in the past few years without the help of Pandora, so this was a blow to the revival of my musical explorations.

Great Big Gobs of Ooey Gooey, Albeit Belated, Birthday Wishes for thinkum!

*Edwin Way Teale
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We were at the cabin all weekend creating and planting the most wonderful little garden thingy ever - and at one point needed to go to a plant store. We considered Flyinge - had we ended up there I would have called you and we would have probably ended up having a little soda pop with you out in the wonderful sunshine in the middle of our errand running and then Björn and I would have appeared in your journal entry today. (But we found a little plantskola nearer to the cabin which ended up being just perfect.)

Oj! The Pandora thing - I didn't know about that. Very bummerfull. I had so many really good stations on Pandora and Sweden will never ever get on board.

I'm going to Skövde this week, but when I get back can we schedule a sushi break?

Oh! I wish you had come here! That would have been perfectly lovely, though I'm glad you found a nearby plantskola that had what you wanted. :)

And yes, please!! I am totally craving a sushi break with you.

You might want to try They're based in the UK, so maybe they are not subject to the same licensing rules. It still works, anyway. ;-)

Thanks very much! That one doesn't play the entire song, which is kind of annoying, but it does find similar artists.

Aha! Wait! It DOES play the entire song, just not when you're surfing recommendations.

I don't know why that is, but it works fine when you just enter an artist. What's your user id? So I can find out what you're listening too... ;-) Mine is pgfb.

lizardek :) I won't be on very much longer since I really need to get to bed, but so far, they've been playing stuff I like very much!

strictly verboten

You are forbidden to send me a handwritten letter until you receive a handwritten thank you from me-- verboten! And, given my pace these days, it may still be a bit til my thank you card (which has been sitting here on my desk among the pile of things I mean to do each and every day) is in your hands-- only inches from the cascading tendrils that are your pretty, pretty auburn locks.



Re: strictly verboten

Ha! I just need the correct stamp, and mine is on its way! :P

Suzanne Vega

..and great to listen to when writing...

what kind of spring are u guys having down there? we are barely having "can i skip my jacket???" days. soon. soon. soon. i can't wait.

The weekend was GORGEOUS. I just got back a week ago, but apparently it's been like this for a month: sunny, warm with a cool breeze.

Today and tomorrow it's supposed to be rainy, but the sun is trying to come out right now :) We are still wearing light jackets mostly.

i wore a leather jacket and leather boots to work today.
*blah* bring on the sun. bring on the warmth!. i am ready.

spring break

oh how wonderful that spring finally arrived in Sweden.
We had a fantastic april, with temps in the mid to upper 20s (80F)everyday, then came May....rain, rain and more rain, it is supposed to rain for the week. not that the fields dont need it. but could it stop at one point? Oh and all the better, since I have to work on a glacier each weekend - rain means snow... thats right more that 30cm on Sunday. boy was that fun.... winter finally arrived in Austria.

looking forward to heading to the states, so I can skip the rest of spring and dive into Summer....

toodle doo.

Our weekend was gorgeous too, although I could've used a sweater at the park. Sorry people are being rude to you-- most likely they are just unthinking. That's what I usually am if I'm rude.

they're not being rude, exactly. If it were only that easy! :/

We have our spring now too. It just needed a few warm, sunny days and now we have pink and white blossoms bursting out on the tree limbs and the pale green leaves have fattened up on the non-flowering trees and the grass needs cutting. All in all, a very nice display, if only a week or two behind schedule. Forecast for the rest of the week is warm and sunny - for the whole week! Yippee!

I came across this link that outlines how to workaround the problem with Pandora:

If that fails, you can do a google search and look for an anonymous proxy that you can use. You go via the proxy to the site which is attempting to block the non-US IP address. The proxy (which is based in the US) presents its IP address in your stead. I did this so I could listen to the cricket coverage and it worked a treat.


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It's awful you know. I used to write letters ALL the time. My stationary totally languishes in the bottom dark cabinets of my bookcase now, completely shoved aside by the speed and ease of emailing and typing letters. Judging by the cramp I got in my hand while writing, it's been WAY too long.

You've got Spring Fever! Lovely day. Too bad about Pandora.

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