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  • Anders made the same dish for his birthday dinner tonight that he made for me the first time he cooked me dinner 13 years ago. Shrimp with mushrooms, red peppers, cheese and cream baked in the oven and served over rice. YUMMO.

  • I still haven't gotten a call back from the girlfriend who had her baby on Thursday, though I left a message days ago. Should I be worried or should I assume that they are just blissed out on That Newborn Smell?

  • Confirmation was received today that 4 weeks in the States didn't wreck my diet healthy eating plan nearly as much as I had been afraid of. I did go up, but only 1.5 kilos! Yay me!

  • I was actually running out of things to do at work today. That happens so rarely that I don't know what to do with myself when it does.

  • Living through the skin of your back when someone is rubbing the hurts out of it is intoxicating. I think I might need to sign up for Massage Gluttons Anonymous. Or maybe I need to schedule another one. Yeah, that's it!

  • Tomorrow is choir practice, the very last one before summer, and the last one with our choir leader. That makes me sad. Because I've been gone for 5 weeks, I might not be able to sing in our last concert on Friday, the last one before summer and that last one with our choir leader. That also makes me sad. I don't know what to do about choir right now. I'm feeling very unmotivated and ambivalent about it, and feeling obligated to go because my friend got herself elected to Chairwoman of it and I will feel like I am abandoning her if I quit now. Though maybe the summer months will be enough of a break and I'll be ready to start again come Fall.

  • The group of my girlfriends that have been meeting for dinner every few months for the past year, the ones I call my "First Friends" here in Sweden, have decided that we need a name. The one chosen was The Wonderbras. Because we support and uplift each other. Yeah. I know. As much as I love them, it made me gag, too.

  • I went to the doctor yesterday about the eye inflammation/infection/allergy symptoms that I have been suffering from for the past month. She gave me antibiotics and a prescription for allergy pills if the symptoms don't respond. Then she told me that in the test results from last year (when I had a blood test done to see if I was allergic to dogs pending our vetoed puppy purchase) that not only did I test negative to dogs, I had also tested negative to cats. ...WTF? How can that be? I've been allergic to cats forever, even though I had cats for years and years. I took medicine in the States, and even now, no more than about 30 minutes in the home of a cat-owner is enough to get my eyes itching and my nose sneezing. How can I not be allergic inside when I'm obviously still allergic outside?

  • Singers I Simply Cannot Get Enough Of Right Now: Corinne Bailey Rae, K.T. Tunstall, Jann Arden (and her journal is sublime, to boot)

  • There was more but I seem to be easily distracted today and full of short sound bites. Sorry this post is all appetizers and no main course.
Bunches and Bunches of Smoochy Hugs and Birthday Wishes to My Hunk-a Hunk-a Burning Love: Anders! And Boundless Balloon & Gift-Wrapped Goody Birthday Wishes to the Incomparable Sheryl!
mood: ditzy
music: Corinne Bailey Rae—Like A Star

bullet comments

*A man that can cook. A keeper
*A last Thursday birth. Don't worry. They are awake at 2am and think it may be a bad time to call. Things will straighten out and you will hear from them eventually when they get some sleep.
*Yes, yay you!
*I'm sure you can find something to do. (read LJ?)
*Yeah, schedule another one. BTW, can I join the MGA?
*Keep on singing, one way or another
*Well, my long term women's group is called the "Wives" People often think we are a female swingers group. But the "Wonderbras?" Were you at the naming meeting?
*There's allergies and there's sensitivities. Maybe you are sensitive (but not allergic) to certain cat dander. It is NO LESS ANNOYING AND UNCOMFORTABLE. Believe me.

Re: bullet comments

The naming thing went out on email and the rest of them LOVED it. I kept my mouth shut. :)

Re: bullet comments

You're a better person than I; I don't think I could have kept my mouth shut.

BTW, my garden club is named after the Dutch common name for Vinca minor - namely Maagden Palm or "Virgin's Palm". When I was in charge of organizing events I dreaded introducing myself on the telephone as "Garden Club Virgin's Palm"...

Re: bullet comments

I don't think I would have kept my mouth shit. On the other hand, it is sort of hillariously campy.
The "Wives" sounds super tame and ultra conservative, until you know (which you already do) that it refers to wives of each other (long term commitment), not our respective states of marital bliss.
I agree with one of the other commenters. You gals need a theme song.

Oh, and I forgot to comment on that last bullet. The apology one.
*no apology nessasary. I love these sound bite posts, with a bit of newsy this and that and some hilarity, and even a little philosophy and reflection.

I think The Wonderbras was hysterical! Ha ha!

Those blood test allergy tests can vary in sensitivity so I've heard. Have you had a scratch test?

Not recently, but I've had more than one over the years, and I have ALWAYS been allergic to cats in them.

I think it also depends on exactly what you are allergic to in cats. It's like the bee sting tests test for a specific enzyme in the venom, however, people can be allergic to another component.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Liz :o) Maybe you're allergic to cats because you thought you were allergic to cats, the mind is a powerful thing. It'll be interesting to see how you react to the next cat you meet.

As far as choir goes, unless your friend became chairwoman on the condition that you would stay in the choir, you're under no obligation.

The friend with the new baby is probably just completely strapped for time. Do you have another friend in common with her who can confirm everything is fine?

I think there's a flaw with that allergy test.

The Wonderbras eh? I say someone needs to write a theme song for you guys. ;-)

Great, informative and fun entry!

Apart from a couple of modern parody songs, there appears to once have existed a true Wonderbra theme song played on the TV commercials up until the 1980's. I can't find a sound clip though.

Speaking of the unmentionables, yesterday I happened to stumble onto an online underwear store which has a sports bra called Superwoman bra. Maybe I'm naïve, but wouldn't Superwoman have powers enough to not need a bra, at least not for support? Or at least the suit/dress would have one built in. On the other hand, Superman's briefs (or are those hotpants?) are famous, but he wears them on the outside of his tights!

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