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Not so much going on in the office today, despite my boss being back from vacation. One can only surf the web so much, I've found. But I have some things to look up and find more about: ephemera sheets, altered books and scrapbooking fabric bit names.

We live "out in the country" and are surrounded by farmland, and all the fields right now are full of either amber waves of grain or haybales. What is it that is so comforting about the sight of a golden field dotted with huge perfectly rolled balls of hay shining in the late summer sun? Maybe it's the visceral knowledge that the harvest is coming in, and food will be on the table and the livestock will have something to eat during the winter. I have yet, however, to see the sure sign of the end of summer in Skåne: a big fat sugar beet on the side of the road.

Karin climbed into our bed at 5 a.m. this morning. She's learned, at least, to stay at the end of the bed, like a dog (haha!) instead of trying to squish up between us, thus waking us both and making me mad. :) Wonder what she'll do when we actually HAVE a dog?! She dragged her comforter in with her, and then wanted to take it with her to dagis today. Had a bit of an upset when I told her she couldn't, but managed to get away with it by blaming it on the daycare's rule of only stuffed animals and books allowed from home.

I'm nearly done with photo editing and new web pages for our Ek Family update. The only pictures from my birthday are beach shots. :)

English words/expressions I've had to explain in the past two days: unleashed, horsing around, takes the cake.
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Saw your question about LJ on Amerikanska and decided to add you to my list!

Cool! :) I'll add you, too. :) Getting into this LJ thing. :)

<--- Tristessa from Amerikanska

I added you too, hope you don't mind =)

Not at all! The more, the merrier! :)

Your homepage is really great. I had a chuckle when I read you had to explain horsing around. A couple weeks ago we put up a pool at the cottage and one of the things it said in the book was "no horseplay". That was fun to explain and elicited a lot of neighing sounds. *laugh* (oh and I am Kitty on Amerikanska and found your journal from your post about paid accounts)

Thanks! :) I'll add you, too. ;) This LJ stuff is fun. I recognized your avatar :)

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