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On the one hand:
  • Leaving work early yesterday (because the network was down) and taking advantage of a sunny afternoon to go for a walk and leaving work early today (half day before a holiday) with my to-do list whacked nearly all the way down

  • The wonderful breadth of a 4-day weekend stretching out before me, part of which has been kept unscheduled except for puttering about the house, furniture shopping and walks in the sunshine or rain, as the case may be, and part of which has been filled with things to look forward to including a childfree evening out with Anders' sister and her husband at a very good restaurant, and going to see The Vagina Monologues with a bunch of friends

  • Listening to Martin's end of term piano recital this afternoon in which was included a simple ditty of his own composing

  • Using the word ditty

  • Driving into town to have sushi with the kids and my good friend brief_therapy

  • Being stopped at a city traffic light, while a large flock of adult geese shepherded their clumsy, lopsided fuzzy teenagers ACROSS THE CROSSWALK

  • Finishing one very good book (A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel) and immediately starting its long-anticipated sequel
And on the other
  • Not being able to reassure and comfort my other half who is feeling rather down right now

  • Having to chastise Karin for disobedience and poor judgment

  • Feeling awful for a best friend who is saying goodbye to her dying father
mood: mixed
music: Travis—Pipe Dreams


Oh, surprise days off are wonderful... I love snow days as much as the students! And as an undergraduate, I helped produce The Vagina Monologues for four years, and it was a blast! I hope you had fun too.

Sorry to hear about your friend's father. That is always so difficult. My heart goes out to the family.

- Molly

I'm going on Sunday, and it's in English, which is a super-bonus! :)

My "best thing today" for Wednesday was absolutely, totally the evening with you and your delicious children. I sometimes have to keep myself from actually baring my teeth and biting a chunk of deliciousness out of their wonderful little delicious selves.

But "most best thing today" for Wednesday was talking to you, my delicious friend.

Aw! You were a best thing for Wednesday, too. Being able to talk to you and get your viewpoint on some of the things happening in my life is wonderful for me. :)

sounds like a very full life

It's so hard to see our husbands struggle, non? There's nothing we can actually do, and yet, it always renders me into an Italian grandmother-- urging him to eat! eat! here, more homemade something--

And, that Karen girl-- reminds me a lot of someone I know only too well.

My favorite, no surprise here-- the GEESE! The GEESE!


Re: sounds like a very full life

Heh. Unfortunately, I can't urge him to eat, because if I did, it would mean I was cooking things *I* would want to, and don't need to, eat.

And O! I SO wish we had had a camera with us in the car, when we stopped for the geese. It was really too precious :) They actually crossed one crosswalk and THEN? They turned a 90-degree angle and crossed ANOTHER one.


I could use a four day weekend, if only to pack up all our crap! Where did we get all this stuff??!!

Also, I just LOVE A Girl Named Zippy. It's just a wonderful book, isn't it? And the sequel? EVEN BETTER. I got it at Christmastime and really enjoyed it. Plus, it's long and juicy...


I've learned with all the moving in my life that your stuff expands to fill the space, so no matter what you will find yourself wondering just where you got all this STUFF every time you move ;)

Haven Kimmel just rocks. I can't wait for her next book. I wish she blogged! :D

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