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This 4-day weekend did not leave me rested up and ready to go back to work. No, actually, while it left me fairly rested up, all it did was make me long for vacation. Long for long days of doing nothing much, of sitting on the porch in the sunshine, grumbling about the flies. Today was beautiful, 72 and sunny just like southern California. I went for a walk, my 3rd in 3 days by myself, because the kids are playing with friends from morning to night, zooming in to raid the cookie jar and eat homemade grape/apple popsicles and disappearing again in a herd of bicycles.

I rounded the neighborhood on the undulating path behind the daycare and suddenly the air was full of tiny white floating fluffbits. It almost looked like snow! They were all drifting sideways, a constant wave of them on the air, and as I came around the corner I realized that they were the fluffsplosions of blooming pussywillows. Yesterday it rained until early evening and the slugs and snails were out in full force, today, since it had dried up, they weren't much in existence. I saw green caterpillers humping along the road and a stone wall completely covered with a green net polkadotted with tiny, tiny violets.

I had to get up just now and go get me one o' them grape/apple popsicles to see if they were any good. O! Are they ever! I will have to fight the kids for them now. I shall make them all summer long.

I made them with Tupperware popsicle they take me back to my own childhood! I can't simply suck on a popsicle. I start out with the best of intentions, thinking this time I'll make it last, but after only a couple of licks I'm crunching into it, taking big, purple, brain-freezing bites, stopping only now and then to suck the juice out of the ice until it turns white and then crunching another bite. Crunch, crunch crunch! They are so cold and so good! I am having another, and my tongue is probably purple.

Photo by Anders Ek
mood: mellow
music: Danny Hutton Hitters—Wouldn't It Be Good


Yeah! for popsicles - especially for the purple tongue - shades of the photos on my screen saver with Karin and Bryce having bright blue tonguesat Easter time! Good for you for walking so much! Do it for me also- OK? Love, lizardmom

You know I will :) Went for a walk today after dinner. Karin accompanied me...nominally. She was on her bike, zooming ahead and yelling back, "Which way?" at every intersection. Then she totally ditched me for a BOY.

my tongue is probably purple

oh wow. Lizard tongue. :D

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It's so nice when you post twice! :D


This is a really beautiful image. I loved those frozen juice popsicles when I was little! I hope you had some decently peaceful moments this long weekend... get lots of rest!

- Molly

Both peaceful and busy, just like I like it :)

keep wanting more... and getting it too.

What a beautiful photo.
Warm enough for popsicles and purple tongues huh? I'm jealous. In all fairness I have to admit that we had some days like that earlier in the week. But I wanted it to last . Although, the rain was good for the garden.
I used to make those popsicles for my kids and my Mom made them for us. I think maybe this summer I will make them for me . whaddaya think?
Anyhow, keep up the walking. It's such a good thing.
I wish you many languishing on the porch type vacations.

Re: keep wanting more... and getting it too.

The temps they are a'climbing! It feels like summer! And you should TOTALLY make grape popsicles for yourself! YUM

Re: keep wanting more... and getting it too.

I will. But first I've got to clear some space in the freezer and get some popsicle molds. I think I've gotten rid of all mine.

Shows what I know but when I first saw that pic I thought, "I didn't know Liz lived near the Bayou." ;-)

I was *just* thinking it was time to get some Tupperware popsicle holders. It does take you back. Oh and I think your technique for eating them is the only one possible.

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