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Last night after myskväll, Anders and I watched Grabben i Graven Bredvid*, a much hyped Swedish film that came out in 2002 and which we somehow missed seeing then, though it was very highly recommended by everyone we knew. It lived up to its reputation and we both really enjoyed it. I've seen the leading man in 3 movies now (Så Som i Himmelen and Vägen Ut) and listened to him lecture live onstage during an "Inspiration Day" I attended for work a couple of years ago, and have been increasingly impressed with his acting.

Later, long after we had gone to bed, but not to sleep, I got up to go to the bathroom and then walked through the darkened house to the kitchen for a drink of water. As I stood by the bay of windows looking out at the silvered darkness with the dew already on the grass, a clump of flowers in the front flower bed suddenly got up and detached itself from the earth and went on walkabout...a little nubbly moving meatloaf. It was a big hedgehog, gliding over the grass and nosing about. Every now and then he would stop and lift his head in the light from the streetlamps and sniff about, then he'd toddle off again. Anders joined me at the window after I whispered to him and we watched until he went out of sight around the big silver-shining rock.

It's nice to wake up, after sleeping in, to a smiling ring of faces chanting "Happy Mother's Day!" at you and thrusting presents with eager hands. Even better when the presents turn out to be a handmade pop-up card, a bouquet of lovely peachy roses and 2 new CDs, one of which turns out to be just the kind of music you like best.

With that auspicious start to the day, how could it get anything but better? Even if the weather left a little bit to be desired, still it was warm and nice enough out. A lunch of yummy salad with delicious salmon, the sight of a field of white and yellow daisies, a zippy little Pied Wagtail bobbing along on our street in front of us when we came home from a walk, random hugs from my children all day long.

We went through several years worth of photos of us and the kids and edited them into a DVD slideshow to give to Anders' mom for Mors Dag. In the afternoon we headed out, swung by the shopping center to get new gym shoes for Martin (and managed to suppress our exclamations of wonder at Karin's decision to get a pair of silver flats!) and a new backpack for Karin, and then on to Oxie where we had dinner out on the porch with Anders' family.

After dinner, while the sun was still shining, his mom and I took Martin, Karin and Henrik for a walk to feed the ducks. There weren't many ducks this time, just a few green-headed mallard boys and a posse of screaming black-headed gulls with a flock of jackdaws as hangers-on. Martin was carefully flinging his bits of bread to the ducks, keeping score as to how many the ducks won, or rather kept away from, the seagulls. At one point, we had to laugh as an overly enthusiastic and obviously hungry gull dove in for a crash landing on a duck's HEAD, shoving the poor bird beneath him completely underwater, as he grabbed for and scooped up a sopping bit of bread, before launching himself into the air, screaming sailor obscenities all the way.

A quiet weekend with lovely intervals, summer feeling and good, new music. To top it all off, I managed to get our family website updated, so if you're in the mood for photos (though many of them have been previewed here first), feel free to check out The Ek Family Homepage!

Boatloads of Bright Belated Birthday Wishes to nannergo!

*The English translation of the title leaves something to be desired, since it was translated literally to The Guy in the Grave Next Door and sounds a bit too much like a horror movie if he's IN the grave.
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Happy mother's day!


Happy Swedish Mother's Day. Sounds like the perfect way to spend it!
Love, Lizardmom

Wow, she's up and on the computer already! There's your Mother's Day present right there! :-)


I saw that film too. I have seen it twice. The first time I didn't think much of it. I liked it better the second time. :)

(I have a question for you. I know you are extremely busy so I feel a bit bad asking... I can pay you of course! You translate texts sometimes I understand? Are they Swedish to English? If so, would you like to help me translate the abstract of my paper into English? It's a request from The Powers That Be, and it's so hard to translate this kind of theoretical language into my "gymnasieengelska"... It's a short text. 1757 characters. If you have time, energy and want to - e-mail me at mthe71 at yahoo dot se, and let me know what and how to pay you for your help.)


Busy, schmusy. Never too busy to help out friends. I just emailed you.


Sounds like a wonderful, much deserved day. I love the hedgehog!

- Molly

Very late reply, but I just heard an interview with Katarina Mazetti on radio. The English translation of "Grabben" is released right now, retitled as "The farmer wants a wife". Her books are available in some 15 languages, or so she thought. She told that the other day she recieved a copy in Georgian (as in the ex-Soviet republic, not the southern US state) and didn't understand a single letter. They don't even use Cyrillic writing, so she couldn't make out her own name on the cover. How cool is that?

My goodness, I didn't even see this until I decided to look up my user name on LJ seek tonight! Canoe- and kayakloads of belated thank you's. How funny, I just got a belated b-day Borders gift card recently too.

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