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A is for the ANTICIPATION of the next good book I will read, having just finished one that made me wish I could read twice as fast so I could read twice as much.

B is for the cool BREEZE that flows like a balm into the bedroom when I go to bed and crack the window open.

C is for the COLLEAGUES that appreciate the work I do.

D is for the DAYLIGHT that is still increasing; light last night at 9:30 as I soared down the hill, with the sun behind the silver-rimmed puffclouds and all the windmills madly whirling white in the light.

E is for EMAIL which allows me to receive notes and letters and messages from my loved ones, my friends, my family, all over the world. I am constantly amazed by this crazy, wonderful technology that gives us so much.

F is for new FURNITURE, some on order and some awaiting with anticipation a shopping trip this weekend.

G is for GRAPE Tootsie Pops.

H is for Little HOUSE on the Prairie which I am reading to my kids, and which we are all enjoying. So exciting and scary with the prairie fire and the Indian war cries! So interesting with the questions about pioneers and plowing and papooses! (hmmm...maybe this should have been for P!)

I is for the INHERITANCE INVENTORY project that I am working on: a list of the things in our house and where they came from, so that my children someday have a reference to know the history behind the things that surround them and understand why some of them are special

J is for JAIME or JAMIE, which happens to be my favorite name (for a girl, the first, or for a boy, the second). I was very disappointed when we were choosing baby names to realize that J names wouldn't work in Swedish, which is why my daughter's name is not Jaime. What's your favorite name?

K is for the KIDS, of course. I've decided that since squishing isn't working, I shall make a royal announcement: No More Birthdays. There! That ought to stop them growing.

L is for all the LAUGHTER my children and their friends generated all evening. It's still echoing around the house.

M is for great melodic MUSIC that gets my toes tapping, my head bobbing and my booty wiggling.

N is for NEW, period. It's what we love about the beginning of the year, what we love about Spring: everything is new, filled with promise and life and beginnings. It's for finding new writers, new artists, new books, new friends.

O is for OBSESSIVELY playing the same album over and over, in the car, at work, at home, until I know every word and every harmony to every song track.

P is for the PRINTED pack of 10 Moocards that I received in the mail the other day from a free LJ offer.

Q is for the QUICKNESS which I rejoice in being able to provide a response with.

R is for the chestnut RED color that Barky was given yesterday, and also for RAWR!

S is for SALMON, cold smoked with creamed spinach for lunch today, raw over white rice bundles in sushi last night, sautéed with paprika and lemon pepper and accompanying my salad the other day.

T is for the 1 hecto away from TEN of the unwanted kilos that I have removed from my body, my self.

U is for the honeysuckle vines which are climbing UP the trellis and opening UP in big pink-gold-orange blossoms.

V is for deciding to take only 3 weeks of VACATION at once this summer and dividing the 4th week up to take off a bunch of Fridays here and there.

W is for WONDERING where I will be this time next year: what will be new in my life? What will be new in yours?

X is for know, XOXO! XD

Y is for the great cracking YAWN that almost took my head off just now.

Z is for ZYZZYVA which, according to Wikipedia, is the last word in many English language dictionaries, such that it is sometimes used to mean "the last word"...therefore providing the perfectly appropriate end to this list.

Wonderful Warm and Full of Charm Belated Birthday Wishes to darcymcgowan!
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Liz, Thanks for those wonderfully warm and fully charming birthday wishes. It was a lovely birthday and truly wonderful and full of charm!!!


What more can I say than:



I like this! I might just have to *steal* it from you on a day when I am lacking in clever things to ramble about (ah-hem, perhaps today).

My favorite names: Amelia, Emily, Charlotte, Eireann, Sophie, Hannah, Ella, Emma, Beatrice, Tessa, Aiden, Seamus, Ian, Ethan, Colin

Not that I have them written down or anything. Not that I have the "Mommies" or anything. :)

I *love* the idea of the inheritence inventory!!

I was definitely lacking in clever things to ramble about :) You sure like Irish-origin names! I've always liked Siobhan, though it LOOKS so strange it sounds so soft and pretty when you know how to pronounce it. :)


(me, up above)

- Molly

Oooh! I loved this! And had to chuckle... I have an inkling of an idea of where the alphabetical list spark came from :) I may have to follow suit.

Smooches too you--I miss you loads. I think of you every morning spreading butter on my toast.


LOL! I'm busted! It's all your fault :D

J names wouldn't work in Swedish

Maybe it is true for the two names you mentioned, but generally I think names starting on J are reasonably common in Sweden: e.g. Jan, Jens, Jerker (!), Johan, Jörgen, Jessika, Johanna, Julia and so on. Of course the J-sound is rather different, so it wouldn't sound "right".

That's more what I meant. I know there are plenty of J names, but they are pronounced with a Y sound. Just not the same.

Ok. To make it worse, you can't even spell it Djamie. The D-sound is silent nonetheless. :-) Maybe one could invent a unique spelling that would confuse Swedes how it should be pronounced: Jhamie. It reminds me of a car I saw this morning. It had a sticker on the back window telling it was once sold by a car dealer named Sthen... *roll eyes*

It could have been "worse". In Russia most or all words with a leading J-sound instead use one of a few special vowels, e.g. Elena - Jelena. In particular the letter ë seems to either be transcribed as "e" or "yo". It confused me this winter, when Fëdor Fëdorov played for Malmö Redwings. He was called Fyodorov while his big brother (?) Sergei Fëdorov always has been known as Fedorov.

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