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Yesterday morning, and after we got home from Helsingborg, Martin spent several hours engaged in putting together a godisjakt (candy hunt) for Anders and Karin to do. He worked really hard on it, and the whole thing was his own idea. They've been practicing following complicated instructions at school, so I'm guessing this is an offshoot of that. He came to me early in the morning and asked me to spell a few things for him, and spent about an hour cutting out letters and drawing little faces on them. Anders told me later how it went.

First they had a note in the kitchen telling them to Hoppa jämnfota till kylskåpet (Hop 2-footed to the refrigerator). Then he had used the magnetic alphabet letters and the letters he had created to fill in where we didn't have enough of the magnetic ones to spell out: Skaka till docksängen (Jiggle to the dollbed). They had to walk and shake simultaneously into the living room where a little wooden bed was waiting. There they had another note telling them to Hitta dom här sakerna (Find these things) with a picture of 3 different toys. Once those were found, they were directed with a picture of Karin's door to Karin's bedroom, where a note said, Hitta godiset (find the candy). Which they did :)

It's cold and wet this morning, as it rained most of the night, but the sun rose about an hour or so ago and is blazing forth :) I hope the temperatures will rise a bit to give our grass seed a better chance. There's still no sign of that sudden green sheen that tells you the shoots have started.

Tonight is the turnover meeting from the old AWC board to the new. I'm not sure who all is going to be there, but I hope it's most of the new board. The only one I know for sure is missing is the new Treasurer, but she's been on the board before, so knows most of the procedures.

My brother called me last night and told me that Simone had gotten her hands on over EIGHTY of those little orange chinese lantern seed pods, and he's mailing them to me in time for Halloween! :) If dried properly, they'll last for several years, so this time I'm going to be very careful about how I store them so we can re-use them at parties in the future.

Crafty Chicas: Not sure if this has been posted before, but this site has a TON of stuff: Stamp Oasis. Most of it is not my style, but there are a few that I'm coveting. I love this one, for example:

And gale_storm, there's a beautiful Green Man for you:



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