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The twitch in my eye and shoulder, you ask? Where did they come from? From not being able to post this entry on LJ for THREE FOUR FRICKIN' DAYS. I had to keep changing the tenses with each passing day of aggravation and frustration until my head nearly exploded. Thanks to e11en for reminding me I could post via email. *twitch*


It's June. Anders and I had our 11-year wedding anniversary on Friday but we didn't really celebrate it since I had a work event to go to. Instead we took the kids for sushi the day after. Of course. :D

It's June. The days are longer and longer and it's getting harder to sleep at night: it's too light and the birds stay up later and get up earlier. Both birdhouses on the playhouse seem to be in use by sparrows, and the jackdaw babies in the garage nest are loud and boisterous. I've seen insects hovering in amorphous clouds in the evening sunshine, shimmering. The lupines are tall and bright...the purple one I transplanted a couple of years ago to the front garden has moved over a bit and in its place another one has come pink!

Only 2 weeks left until school's out. This week is another short one, with a half-day and a full-day holiday in the middle for Sweden's National Day. The kids are restless like jumping beans, they can't concentrate on schoolwork or, really, anything. They're already full of summer.

It's June...and my daughter has been pestering me NON-STOP for the past week about her Halloween costume for this year. First it was Danny Zuko from Grease, now? She wants to be a punk zombie. *sigh*

Do you follow soccer? Did you see or hear about the Sweden-Denmark match for the qualifying rounds of the European Championships the other night? As I understand it, the Swedes were up 3-1, then Denmark scored 2 goals to bring it even, whereupon a Danish player punched a Swedish one and was then thrown out of the game. And then a Danish FAN jumped into the field and attacked the referee! The game ended with the judges' decision: they removed Denmark's points completely and gave the game to Sweden 3-0. Whoa.

Anyway. I went to see Porgy & Bess on Sunday. It was billed as a musical, but it was more an opera and not really my style musically, though the cast did a fantastic job. I am not motivated to write or read or do anything really. I had to force myself to sit down and start typing. I hate when I get like this.

Really Cool: 500 years of the female portrait in art

Big Bunches of Bountiful, But Extra Belated Because of Stupid LJ, Birthday Wishes to jes6ica!
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I am becoming increasingly annoyed (very very very very annoyed!;)) from being unable to post properly. I tried posting through e-mail which worked but for some reason all my spacing and all is really messed up. And when I wanted to edit or delete the entry, LJ wouldn't let me offcourse. Bah, now tis a mess in my journal LOL. I gave up on posting for now till they fix their shit I guess.

We have two weeks of school to go too. I think Ingrid is a little unaware of the whole summer vacation thing, this being her first time. I'm sure in years to come, she will hit that wall along with all the other kids, when the temperatures rise and they know that school is almost over.


I would also note that your RSS feed hasn't been working (at least for me) for a couple of weeks, at least. I have to check your site directly, which means I have to remind myself, which means I have to think about you at least once a day, which is not, actually, such a bad thing so never mind.


I don't know why that is, Marilyn from California Fever said it wasn't working for her either a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if it is now, or what. I haven't been able to post more than a sentence for days. :(

I'm always stunned by how quickly stuff GROWS in June. Just the end of April saw things chilly and under icy mud. Now a month later, and everything is BURSTING. Loved this post, depsite the aggrivation :) When you write about the little things it pulls me right in.

This was certainly a post full of little things! ;)


Liz! I tried to e-mail you but I got the e-mail in return... Failure notice. Did you get it?


Hej! No, I didn't. I emailed you a few times over the last few days but got no response. Was getting worried. Try me again, or email at lizardek@ yaho instead.

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