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It's been over 90F/30C here for the past 2 days. Subsequently, I have not really been in the mood to do anything, much less write about how hot I am. All I really want to do is lie on a chaise lounge and have my cabana boy fan me with palm leaves and serve up ice cold lemonade, the kind in a tall glass pitcher with ice cubes and slices of real lemons floating in it.

Ohhhh cabana boy! where are you?!

Sunny, Still and Sunshine-Filled Belated Birthday Wishes to purrthecat!
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Tell me about it!! I have 31 degrees INSIDE.... I AM literally melting!


Now? In the evening?? oj oj oj. It was actually 32 today, I saw. And we have 28 INSIDE right now at 11:30, though it's only 18 outside. I hate that! Good thing we all have fans! The kids are going to broil in their new loftbeds :(


Uh huh...yes, that sounds perfectly NORMAL for June. :) I am sorry you are hot, of course, my dearest Liz. I will make sure never to invite you to Mississippi anytime between May and October...seriously. Do you have A/C at home and work? I know some places in Europe don't - and I can't imagine how you exist!


p.s. Lemonade sounds oh so perfect. Now I want a big cup full of lemonade!

Nope, not normal at ALL, not for Sweden, except maybe for a week or so in July or August. It's record-breaking early hot temps here. And no, nope, no A/C. We've got fans going in every room, but it's not always enough, since the house heats up during the day and isn't cool again before its starts the next morning *pant pant* :)



I still have problems with e-mail. I posted my translation on my blog instead... If you have time and feel like taking a look at it... :) I still can't translate "reportage"...


Hi there! I'll go look right now, after I post. I tried again to email you...are you getting my comments on your blog??


Thank you so much for your help last night!! What do you think of "narrative structure" and "narrative perspective"?

I found this site:

Seems narrative perspective at least has to do with characters... But I am not 100% it meanse exactly what berättarperspektiv means...

Narrative perspective is the voice of the narrator, his/her view of things, the way of thinking that he/she uses to describe/influence/report things.

Narrative structure would be more the the narrative voice is put together.

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