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It's been over 90F/30C here for the past 2 days. Subsequently, I have not really been in the mood to do anything, much less write about how hot I am. All I really want to do is lie on a chaise lounge and have my cabana boy fan me with palm leaves and serve up ice cold lemonade, the kind in a tall glass pitcher with ice cubes and slices of real lemons floating in it.

Ohhhh cabana boy! where are you?!

Sunny, Still and Sunshine-Filled Belated Birthday Wishes to purrthecat!
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Nope, not normal at ALL, not for Sweden, except maybe for a week or so in July or August. It's record-breaking early hot temps here. And no, nope, no A/C. We've got fans going in every room, but it's not always enough, since the house heats up during the day and isn't cool again before its starts the next morning *pant pant* :)

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I can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

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