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Where IS everybody?

You're certainly not commenting much. Are you reading? Are you already on vacation? Have you been hit by the summertime sluggishness? or the Junebugaloo?

I make some minor noise about lofty reasons for writing in this journal, but really? It's all about the comments. It's all about the love, people, and I'm NOT FEELING THE LOVE!


Believe me, I am right there, up the same, still, weed-choked creek with you. Motivation is nowhere to be seen, perhaps it's under a lilypad or over in the meadow, in the sand, in the sun.

It cooled down drastically today, a welcome relief from the high temps we were bearing up under. The house, however, seems not to have gotten the message yet. I bought 2 bags worth of flowers at the nursery on the way home, to replace the blown-out, flattened pansies in the front pots. I bought flowers that have lovely names in Swedish: eldkrona which means "fire crown" (Lantana) in 2 different colors, and stjärnöga which means "stareye" (Cape Daisys) and Lyckliga Lotta which means "Happy Lotta" (New Guinea Impatiens) and, along with a few others, pretty pretty pink dahlias!

I made Martin come help me unpot the pansies and we stood out in the front yard and heckled each other and laughed. I used a trowel to pry up the pansy clumps only to discover a colony of greeny-yellow snails gone to ground beneath them. bezigebij, you would have had a field day! Then we potted all the new stuff, and spent a silly hour finishing up the weeding in the half of the garden bed I never seem to have gotten around to. Or rather, I weeded, and Martin halfheartedly attempted to pull up some clumps, and de-seeded several feathery grass heads until I gave him what for and then he laid around on the lawn and watched me work, kibitzing the entire time. I got him back for it later by chasing him around the yard with the hose on full blast.

*William Carlos Williams
mood: good
music: Naked Eyes—I Could Show You How


here. reading. hello. :-)

hello you :) How's it hanging?

i'm reading. sorry for the lack of comments-- i'm not online as much, but i always make a point to catch up with you and your wonderful life. you write so beautifully. :)

i love wm. carolos wms. :)

har! Your userpic cracks me up!!

I'm reading! Shame on me for not commenting more. :)

The new flowers sound lovely, and you're right...the Swedish names are great! They roll around in the mouth in a happy way.

I have been in a planting mood lately, too. My purchases today were all of the shade-loving perennial variety, though. Coleus, coral bells, and two other things that I can't remember what they're called.

Coral bells! what a pretty name! I'll have to go see if I can find that one here :)

I'm supposed to be packing. Are the famous Swedish strawberries ripe yet?

*chomp chomp chomp* why yes, they are! MUMS!


tralala, I always read!
BUT, I'm in the job-hunting zone, and it's a fairly unhappy and un-creative zone, bleeeh.

I envy anyone with a garden right now. ENVY!


oooh, I HATE job-hunting. I don't envy you one bit. But! I DO hope you find something that you really like and that you get it and soon!

Balcony gardening, tax procrastinating, genealogy researching, young adult book reading, jamie oliver recipe cooking and kid rearing : ) I am only on-line for bits and pieces. Enjoy your summer!!

ooh! which young adult books?? Have you read the Penderwicks yet? I found it in the States.


What delightful flowers to add to your garden. I also love Lantana- have it on the deck, after wintering over inside ( hated the smell, but loved the flowers. Many times those pansies will return when the weather gets cooler. I sometimes just hide the poor pot in an out-of-the-way place until then- but must remember to water! Love, Lizardmom

The pansies in the pots came back a couple of times but the heat of last week blasted them completely. They're gone now anyway and we've got fresh summer flowers! There are still plenty of renegade pansies that have popped up all over the garden bed itself, so I'm not pansy-less.

Sorry, Liz, as I expressed recently in my journal - I just haven't had the time to be here much lately. The lack of comments is purely a reflection of this lack of time and in no way connected to your posts - they are always comment-worthy.

I love the Swedish names for the flowers. In Dutch we call Impatiens Vlijtige Liesje (Diligant Liesje). I've always like that name as well. Lotta and Liesje...

Snails... :)

I know everyone is busy :) It was more a general grumble, and certainly not directed at you or anyone specific :) It seems this sort of thing happens about this time every year...the computer is the lowest priority in June! Which is how it should be.

june bugaloo

oh darling-- we love you-- just caught in the jungle of june bugaloo . . grrr. ~bp

Re: june bugaloo

bug-aloo! har! In your jungleygoodness :) Do you have ANY idea how much I wish I were there??!


"You gotta go where the love is. And for me, the love is in Miami." That's from Waiting for Guffman, the crazy lounge singer-wannabe character played by Eugene Levy. All that to say, I love you and I'm still reading! I think I got used to you being on vacation and don't check as often as I should.

Glad to hear it's getting cooler. My heart truly goes out to people enduring heat with no A/C! I honestly don't know how my Southern ancestors managed - the humidity just kills your soul, I swear. Love the image of you chasing Martin with the water hose - that's what summer is all about, right there!

:) Sam

Thankfully, the weather has cooled down though it's still sunny and lovely. :) Wonderful weather! Can you believe I STILL haven't seen Waiting For Guffman?!!

Right now in Boston it's easy to think it's March or April... Overcast, temps in the low 60s, but with a stiff breeze that makes the "real feel" something in the 40s. I put some zinnias in the ground and they look like they're huddling together for warmth, decked in their bright bikinis. I'm madly devouring library book after library book, wrapped in a blanket on the couch, foregoing dinner so I can read a couple more chapters.



Sending you the love!
- Molly

I'm reading all the time, and wooohoo! I finally have time to linger and make comments. Like: that last piece you wrote about summer being finally here (below) was stunning. I felt like you were inside my head. I think Sweden and Vermont must be very similar weather wise... the waist high grass, the lupins, the way the sunlight falls. Happy summer!

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