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Whoa! Did you see that? The day was SHORTER today. Darn that solstice for zooming up and passing us at the speed of light (ha! speed of light! Me so funny) when I was really just wanting it to stay spring forever.

Note to self: start Christmas shopping, cuz here it comes

I suppose that having it stay spring forever would entail moving somewhere like southern California where it's (allegedly) 72 and sunny every damn day of the year. Do you live in southern California? If so, can you VERIFY, please?

I suppose as well that if I actually DID live somewhere like southern California where the temps were mild and the days were sunny every damn day of the year, that I would eventually get tired of it and positively LONG for some real weather. Heck, I LONG for a good thunderstorm now. The thunderstorm the other night? 2 flashes of lightning and a couple of grumbly mumbles and one shaking roaring boom thereafter winding down to pouring rain. Wussy weather.

But southern California, nice as it may SOUND, is also prone to all kinds of stuff that isn't so alluring, like..oh...smog and floods and wildfires and mudslides and the tendency for the earth to get jiggy with it a little more often that I would probably find strictly comfortable.

Is there anywhere else you can live where the weather approximates spring most of the time? If so, I'd like to know so I can put it on my future places-to-settle list.

In the meantime, Swedish summer continues apace. Today was supposed to be rainy and cold-ish, but turned out lovely instead. Martin and I went for a walk in the early afternoon. Karin and Anders spent the day at the mini motorcycle track. She's already moved out of the beginner's group after only 2 sessions.

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karin rocks! :-)

She's a menace! Be very afraid :D


Nelson, BC is a pretty sweet place to live. There IS snow in the wintertime but you need only wear a sweater. I heart Nelson.

P.S. What a brave little girl you have.


"Note to self: start Christmas shopping, cuz here it comes"

ha! you so funny!

You are such an amazing mom. I love that you know your kids well enough to let Karin ride a mini motor cycleppand of course she's out of the beginner group!

As if I had a choice! :D

Need I mention that for YEARS I'd say, "I wish I could live somewhere where it's 85 degrees every day..." Poof! Suddenly I was on a tropical island...where, yes, it really is (approx) 85 degrees every single day. I wish I could say it got old, but for me, it didn't since clearly I'm someone who loves sun and warmth. I even grew to love the thunderstorms because who wouldn't love WARM rain?! ;)

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