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There is no lack of things I could be doing, and yet projects are sitting unfinished on the desk, on the art table, in the house, lurking in closets, and in the garden. I am not really procrastinating since none of these projects are urgent or, really, necessary, but if lethargy were currency, I'd be the richest woman in the world, baby!

As it is, I seem to just be the most unmotivated one. I don't feel particularly like recording or editing music, or editing journal books or working in my OH SO NEGLECTED collage book or even writing here in this journal. There are closets that could be cleaned out, but they can wait. The pantry and the fridge could use a good thorough going-through and throwing-out, but there are no weevils or ants or slightly menacing green mold to make that imperative.

Maybe it's because it's full-blown summer and I am still working. I have five more weeks of work before vacation and it stretches in front of me like an endless highway of pure torture. Anders is going to Italy tomorrow for 3 days while I? Am going to work.


I don't even feel like killing flies, the filthy annoying buggers. In the mornings when they come buzzing around our heads, unerringly darting straight toward eye or ear or nose, I simply pull the thin summer blanket up over my head and fall into an irritated doze, the whir of the fan muffled against my protective and somewhat stifling barrier. I need one of those canopy beds with the mosquito net draped artfully over it, falling in wimpled folds to the floor.

One plan is to go buy paint to refurbish the stained, fade, motley-looking porch furniture. Anders balked when I suggested green, probably because every piece of furniture I get my hands on ends up green. We shifted to blue instead, but I need to go get the paint, and since I'm single-parenting for the next 3 evenings I don't know if I'll be able to get away to purchase it.

Anders just finished sealing the deck with sealant after it was power-washed by my father-in-law yesterday. While I sorted through and discarded things from 2 milk cartons and a crate full of children's outdoor toys and paraphernalia, my mother-in-lawn vacuumed up old cobwebs and fly shit from what will eventually become our screened-in porch. Take that, flies! muahahaha! We'll be sitting "out on the porch" and you won't be able to get at us! Nyah, nyah!

Free Stuff Raffle Winners!
The kids were a little confused as to what the heck I was asking them to do, after I wrote the names of 4 people down on strips of paper and had them each draw one, but here are the results of the drawing: galestorm is the recipient of the extra paid time I had leftover, and reebert wins the extra userpics! Thanks to everyone for playing. :)

Joyful Jugs Full of Foaming Birthday Wishes to dyvan and Belatedly to verian!
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Nothing much. My brother is coming to visit, but we're not going anywhere.

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