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zird is the word [userpic]
work: competent, helpful, fast, busy
home: impatient, tired, silly, happy, busy
club: generous, energetic, friendly, busy
mood: tired
music: Lloyd Cole & The Commotions—Rattlesnakes


Hm. Scary pattern. Seems like someone needs to spend some positive energy on her self, and not just on pleasing/serving others.

And when are you Liz? Or has she been overtaken by "Liz the worker", "Liz the wife and mother" and "Liz the club whizz" (hey, that rhymes!). I can remember being "superwoman" in another life... it wasn't worth the eventual psychic pain.

Well, I like to think I'm ALWAYS Liz :) heh, really. Even in the midst of these, um, crises. But you're right, I need to slow down. I just looked at my calendar and had to sag against the desk to support myself. :( argh. Anders says, "No one is filling up that calendar for you," but that's not actually true. Or maybe I really DON'T know how to say NO. The other thing is that if I go for more than 3-4 days with nothing to do, it makes me crazy and I get restless and start planning things! Talk about split personalities! haha

I've read several articles (can't remeber where to find one of them, though - sorry...) about how healthy it is to take time to be bored every once in a while.

Again I think your hubby is a very smart guy, and I think he's right in that nobody fills it for you. Saying "no" is more difficult than one would think.

I'm in the same situation, trying to learn the world's most difficult two-letter-word. No. It's tricky, but I did manage today. Once. But that's at least once... :)

Of course you're always Liz, but... There's a saying I really like, I don't know if I get the English right but - it goes something like "Don't spread yourself too thin". You're good enough to take in thick layers, and you don't have to be enough to feed the whole world. So to speak.

Take care of yourself, I think that's all Marie and I are trying to say. (Aren't we, Marie? *smiles*)

thick layers, hmmm. :) I like that. Practicing:
"no, sorry"
"nope, can't do it"

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