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I have a superpower!!

If you could choose a super power, what would you choose? Would you want to be invisible or able to fly or able to read minds? I think being able to fly would be really great. Or being able to instantly transport myself anywhere (or anywhen!) I wanted. THAT would be cool. Maybe super strength is your thing, or x-ray vision. Or turning things to gold, though that can get you into trouble as one Midas discovered a very long time ago.

In The Incredibles, the whole family has super powers. The dad is super strong, the mom is elastic, the daughter can turn invisible and generate a force field shield, and the son has super speed. And the baby! He apparently has ALL the super powers rolled up into one diapered-covered ball of energy.

My super power, you ask? Am I able to leap tall buildings with a single bound? No, alas.

I can make it rain

Guess how? I GO OUT AND WATER THE PLANTS AND FLOWERBEDS. 2 minutes later...it's raining.


If I lived in the desert, this would be a useful super power. As it is, I think I've been completely GYPPED. So, if YOU could choose your super power, what would you choose and why?


I'd also like to announce a great big welcome to a new blogger on LiveJournal. Please to welcome Mr. martinek!


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