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I have a superpower!!

If you could choose a super power, what would you choose? Would you want to be invisible or able to fly or able to read minds? I think being able to fly would be really great. Or being able to instantly transport myself anywhere (or anywhen!) I wanted. THAT would be cool. Maybe super strength is your thing, or x-ray vision. Or turning things to gold, though that can get you into trouble as one Midas discovered a very long time ago.

In The Incredibles, the whole family has super powers. The dad is super strong, the mom is elastic, the daughter can turn invisible and generate a force field shield, and the son has super speed. And the baby! He apparently has ALL the super powers rolled up into one diapered-covered ball of energy.

My super power, you ask? Am I able to leap tall buildings with a single bound? No, alas.

I can make it rain

Guess how? I GO OUT AND WATER THE PLANTS AND FLOWERBEDS. 2 minutes's raining.


If I lived in the desert, this would be a useful super power. As it is, I think I've been completely GYPPED. So, if YOU could choose your super power, what would you choose and why?


I'd also like to announce a great big welcome to a new blogger on LiveJournal. Please to welcome Mr. martinek!


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If I could choose, I think I'd definitely take the invisible superpower. Just think, I could experience that fly on the wall wish that I'm always making!

Sadly I think I have the superpower that makes lots of crazy things happen at once. Which makes me think that another good superpower would be to be able to split myself into about four people so I could do all the things I need to do.

They would pay good money for you (or your power) in Africa.

I have the "always able to find a parking space" superpower!
Really, I do. It's a family joke now.

That's a GREAT one!! I have that only sporadically :)

the power of insincerity, even at my most sincere people think I am being insincere. What do I have to do, cut myself and bleed people! Come on! Gimme break here.


When people talk about superpowers, like which power of Superman's would you like, for example - people often want to fly, or have x-ray vision, superspeed etc.

I would love his ability to immediately start speaking and understanding any human language he encounters! Wow, imagine that...

God am I a true language nerd or what... LOL!


hahah! AND in addition, be able to understand non-human languages, too! :)


Oh yeah! It would be great to be able to speak to animals! :) Cute cats and dogs, and horrible snakes... Haha.



Time and space travel fo' sure (but not just for me, for my friends and family too), with the added super power of turning paper into dollar bills so that I could buy scrumptious food and drink wherever I went. Is that asking too much? *sigh*



One other superpower I'd like is the ability to locate lost or forgotten things :)

Excellent that Martin is blogging in English! You must be proud.

I am! He and Karin both are having so much fun posting on their LJs :) They ask for help with the spelling, but I'm trying to let them figure it out most of the time.

I think what you and your husband do with the kids to encourage their bilingualism is excellent.

And US children struggle with spelling too. My soon to be second graders spells phonetically- sometimes they are truly unique spellings of words!

Ohh this is a good one. Hmmm. I'm torn between wanting to never need sleep--because oh, how I'm always wishing I had one (or FIVE) more hours of it... and JUST THINk of all the stuff I could accomplish if I could go on like two or four hours a night without becoming the crakiest of wenches. BUT I'd also really love to be able to transplant myself to anywhere/when. That would be divine--because so many of my dear friends (you, lovely lady!) are flung far about the planet and I'd just love to be able to stop in and have tea whenever the whimsy strikes!

It's really amazing to me that no one has invented a matter transmitter yet! What are they waiting for!!?

I think there is a matter transporter on its way, but up to now it only works with individual molecules (perhaps bacteria sized organisms), not anything larger. Also it would consume a lot of energy.

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