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3 solid days of meetings which included evening activities, unsettling re-org news and much wasted time.

4 hours of sleep last night thanks to the fly party that started at 4 a.m.

1 pile of dead flies.

Headache, fever and achey-ness today.

No desire for writing anything, at all.


Aside: Christina, I've not forgotten, I swear. You'll have it tomorrow. I've read it and am thinking through my feedback. :)

Many Many Belated Birthday Ones to totte and jax_in_sweden and Firecrackery Splosion Birthday Wishes to shazzerlive!
mood: tired
music: the fans whirring, an airplane overhead


Are you ill? :(

Get better!!


Dunno. I slept for 3 hours after I got home and was draggy all evening, going to bed early as well. I feel okay this morning, though a bit fragile. Hoping the headache doesn't return.


I hope you are feeling better!


I read it as files. One pile of dead files. This is a good thing. But on reflection a pile of dead flies - not such a good thing.

I seem to recall a fariy tale around "killed seven with one blow...".


I prescribe: a good night's sleep, yummy cool drinks, cutting yourself plenty of slack.

:) Sam

What Sam said.
Wishing you better and better body and soul feelings.
And hey, the cousins of those flies are here in Portland partying at the house where my daughter is dog sitting.

Show no mercy.


sounds like you caught my yuck. so sorry-- nurture yourself and I hope it passes soon, soon! ~bp

Re: ugh

yup. definitely a litle yuck, though I don't think it's necessarily yours. It seems to be going around, though.

You poor thing! Fever? Yech! Dead flies? Ick!

Thank you a zillion-trillion times for your feedback! XOXO!

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