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What a lovely picture. So cute!


They look so sporty!

ooh, Swedish sommarlov-fun, I get all nostalgic...

Looks like they all have the same smile. Precious pic!

Great picture!

yeah, what else can you do with all this water we're getting? were did you get the sun from though? a 10,000 W bulb? :-)

couple hours of sunshine last Sunday :)

Maybe you can dig channels and bring out the gondolas? At least Geena would be happy. No need to go to Venice or Amsterdam if the whole of Skåne already is full of water.

Up here in the middle parts of the country, it is quite dry on the other hand, to the point that farmers fear for the crops.

crops. yes, it would be nice to have crops again... planting rice is an option, maybe...


So lovely!

- Molly


Is it warm enough in Sweden to go swimming? It was 13 degrees here today. And raining. Today was a bit extreme, but that's been the general situation for the last couple of weeks. Swimming is out of the question.

This picture is so summery it makes me pine.

No, it's not warm enough. That pic was taken last Sunday when we had some sunshine and warm-ish weather for the afternoon, but the water was FREEZING. Since then it's been cold and RAIN. So much so that there has been severe flooding the last 2 days.

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