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Someone got skulls and things made out of rubber and motorcycle stuff for her birthday. Guess who?

Skull boots!

Speedy Quick Super Fast Birthday Wishes to karinek!
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awesome boots!
and i know it's probably morning 'do, but i think her hair looks great too. :-)

LOL! And that was AFTER a perfunctory hand through it. Total bedhead! You should have seen Martin's morning 'do! :D

Happy Birthday Karin! Yes she looks adorable. I noticed her hair too - it looks so cute. Wow, she is 8! Growing up so fast.

Oh my god, those are the coolest boots! And so very very Karin. Happy Birthday, Karin!!!

Happy birthday Karin! I love those boots and the necklace. Man you've got one tough chick there. I like that. ;-)


What a day- how was the amusement park? I'll call in the morning - before I leave for Great Grandma's and the beach. Love, Lizardmom


Cool presents for a cool girl!


Karin is SUCH A SUPER COOL KID. I'd love to know her. I want to know her when she's all grown up. And you, man, you always make me grin. You are the best mom in the whole world. I love that you see your kids--really see them--and encourage them to be who they are!!


What a cutie! I didn't know she had her own blog. :)

- Molly

Both my kids are bloggers :)

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Karin!

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