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There's nothing as aggravating as having a completely perfect blue-sky sunshine day marred by a horrible pissy mood. It was brought on by the flies, which is par for the course this time of year, waking us up before 5 a.m...I couldn't get back to sleep after the bloodbath because it was so bright in the room. The first really sunny day we've had in weeks and I grumped through the first half of it like a bear roused too early from hibernation, finally kicking aside the covers and getting up with a headache that settled in the back of my neck and resisted all efforts of eradication.

I snapped at the kids and stuck my tongue out at my own reflection. I moved restlessly about the house, swiping aimlessly at the cleaning, finishing a load of laundry, filling the dishwasher with slams and rattles. Weeding in the front garden, when I finally grabbed my grouchy self by the ears and hauled myself outside, helped a little as I stabbed and yanked and dealt death to interlopers. The kids swirled in and out of the house, trailing friends and bathing gear and bicycles. "What time should we be home, mama?" called Karin. "I don't care," I groused back.

Sadly, I never managed to get my butt in gear for a walk, to my regret, since I bet that would have cleared up even more of the raincloud that seems to have taken up permanent residence over my head. I feel exactly like Eeyore!

Things improved slightly in the afternoon when I got a call from my good friends, Kathey and Russell, and managed to shunt the grey cloud cover away from my head for a few hours. We spent some time fumbling through the installation and setup of my new Skype account and then Kathey and I talked shop (AWC website makeover) for a bit, and I worked on the site afterwards until it was time to throw the kids in the tub.

Back to work tomorrow. 2 more weeks until vacation. *grump*

Sunshiney Sparkling Birthday Wishes to geeklibrarian and Belated Basketfuls of the same to Mia!
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