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My eyes were blurry again all day today, and nothing seems to help. Not my new glasses, not eyedrops with antihistimine, not washing them out with water, not even leaving work early and resting them for an hour, though that did seem to help a little. I'm going to have to make an appointment with an eye doctor and see if they can figure out what is causing this and how to stop it. At least I know it isn't diabetes since I had tests done last month to check. This has been happening, on and off, with no apparent cause, for about 7 months. It's really getting to be a drag.

I don't think I'll be able to get an appointment until after the summer, however, since pretty much all of Sweden is on vacation at the moment. I have to make an appointment with the skin doctor again as well because the promised 4-months-of-this-and-your-skin-will-clear-up-forever treatment? Is not living up to its hype. Damn it.

It's funny to give the kids a bath...they still look 'dressed' in their white 'swimsuits'. Tomorrow is their last day of 3 weeks of swim school. Both of them are swimming with ease, diving from the edge and going underwater. Martin has earned a dozen different swim pins, each one for accomplishing some feat such as 100 meter breaststroke. They've had 3 weeks of not very warm, and not very nice, weather, but even in 12C temps and rain they've gone every day, coming home with blue lips and happy smiles.

I've been going through my Books-to-Buy's 5 pages of small, single-spaced type. And there are more on my Amazon Wish List as well though I plan to try and consolidate the two. I suspect that even if I bought them all and read a book a week, it would take me the rest of my life and then some to get through them all, at the rate I keep adding new ones.

Tomorrow is the last day of work before my vacation starts. 3 weeks off, woo hoo! And my brother is coming on August 7th to stay for nearly 3 weeks: BONUS! Though we don't have any big plans to travel anywhere while he's here, we do have my birthday, a trip to the zoo, a baseball game and Malmö Festival on the calendar, among other things.

Birthday Wishes: Über Awesome Booming Ones to Chuck and Moose on the Loose Ones to alcesalces!
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Of course your to-buy and to-read list is the size of a small country. I'd be disappointed if it weren't.

Happy almost-birthday!


It's completely out of control, my reading list. It's threatening world domination!

That eye thing sounds pretty crappy and scary, how long does the blur last in general?

all day, if it starts in the morning, which it almost always does. The only thing that makes it better is sleeping on it. The next day it is fine (unless it starts again). :(

Have you tried to dry eyes drops from Visine. I had a real problem with my eyes when I was stressed out and using the computer a little more than regularly. It really helped. None of the other stuff did.

Yep, I've tried every type of Visine available (both here and in the States). None of them help.

Let's see.. one page of paper should be about 65-70 lines of text? I assume one line of text per book that you're planning to buy. That would be 350 books on your written list. I think you earlier wrote that you read on average 100 books per year. If these figures are correct, you would chew that monstrous list in four years, if we pretend that you won't add new entries to it.

Hum.. did I just encourage you to get more books? ;-)


About your eyes... Could it be a mild form of grå starr? My mother had it so bad she needed surgery. And when she came out after her surgery she immediately noticed how white the snow was and when she came home she discovered that the lamp in her hall was actually red, not pink! :) As the healing was better and better she discovered how bright all the colours around her were. She said it was like seeing a whole new world.


I don't think so, and neither does the optician. He checked for obstructions and floating matter and changes, but found nothing. I can see just fine most of the time. When I get the blurriness it's almost like they've watered up, but then it won't go away.


I suppose he has checked for "dold skelning" as well? Seems like your eyes are "tired" and strained... and dold skelning can cause that, especially after long hours before the computer.

But I suppose he has already checked that as well. I hope they find out what it is so that you can get the help you need.


Well, I haven't been to an actual eye DOCTOR yet, this was just the optician, so I'm hoping the real thing can give me more options and perhaps a diagnosis with a cure.

Curious about the eye thing. Those Swedish terms that Mia posted, are they the same as glaucoma and cataracts? My mom is sometimes plagued with eye pain and when it strikes, she really can't see, not like she's blind but just, I don't know it's hard to explain.

Anyway, they diagnosed her with iritis and she usually finds that this happens after a bright light is somehow shone into her eye. This can be a glint of sun off a car, a mirror, etc. Do you notice your eye problem happening in relation to anything like that?

Forgot to add, the only thing that makes it better for my mom is to be able to close her eyes for a few hours.

Yes, that's true, but they don't really recover until I've slept overnight, and sometimes not even then. :(

Sometimes, but not always. I haven't been able to point to any one cause for sure and say THAT's what's doing it. Bright sunshine has caused, but so has apparently walking into work and sitting at the computer, and so has just waking up in the morning (regardless of how I've slept)...I'll check this out, though. Thanks!

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