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Karin *attempting evil laugh* MOOHAHAHA!
Liz *giggles madly* It's MUAHAHAHA! You're not a mad cow!
Karin *glares*

I'm nearly done painting the porch furniture. Yesterday, Anders laid plastic down to cover the porch floor...did I mention that we now have a porch?? Before we had a deck that went under the back of the roof on one side. Anders has enclosed it with sliding glass doors and 2 screen ones. He's not quite finished with the paneling on the inside but it's nearly done and I can stand inside and mock the flies: HA!, I say, Nah nah nah nah you can't get in! They fly around outside and sulk.

Where was I? Oh yes, painting furniture. The kids started out helping me. We turned the table upside-down and took the 3 brushes (papa brush, mama brush and wee little baby brush) and started with the white primer, trading brushes with each other any time one of them decided they were tired of that particular brush. The furniture we have: table, 3-seat sofa and 2 chairs, are wooden and slatted, which is a huge pain for painting because you have to paint in between all the slats. The kids got tired of it pretty quickly, and just as we were finishing up the underside of the table one of Karin's little friends came into the backyard providing her with the excuse she needed to abandon ship. Just as well, I thought, since I could continue painting in peace and be able to keep on top of how much paint I had left.

I painted primer in 2 shifts, doing the underside and back of all the pieces in the morning, and finishing up the topside and front in the afternoon. Today I pried open the big can of ultramarine paint and set to, keeping the same schedule: under/back in the morning, top/front this afternoon. The bottoms of my feet were speckled blue when I finished and the old clothes (fat clothes, woo hoo!) that I painted in are trashed but O! the furniture looks beautiful and bright and new!

Tomorrow I shall do a quick second coat on the top and fronts, and a little touch-up and when I'm done I'll put up photos. Painting things makes you feel so accomplished. :)
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